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Allison Coe 2020 Update – A BQH Conversation

A Bumpy Path…For Now ~ The Creator Writings


Things in your life may seem a bit rough and bumpy; manifestations are not coming to pass as you feel they should, intentions are going sideways, and a general sense of well-being seems to be lacking in your every-day life.  The Universe is gently reminding you that all is well.  The colossal energy shifts going on now are preparing you for great change in the next few weeks and months.  It is important to remain as centered and peaceful as you possibly can, take nothing personally and mind your energy.  When things begin to smooth out, you will understand why this is happening now. ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

GaiaPortal: Gaia is Reborn

Spartans retire from heavy works.

Supporters of Light embrace the climbers.

Angels enter.

Gaia is reborn.

NO MORE “Karma” ~ Nicky Hamid


NO MORE “Karma”
The pressure of the Ages is upon us All.
The dissolving of the matrix. The end of Earth as the “prison planet” for humans.
All the miscreations of all thoughts, feeling and acts, of all humanity through thousands of lifetimes are coming up NOW to be faced and released in LOVE. This is vast and appears to be totally daunting and impossible.
Love finds a Way when there is no Way.
And no matter what you have done, experience or are facing at this moment it will dissolve as you choose Freedom of your Will of Love over fear, LIGHT over “Shadow”.
And this is why you came here. To experience a portion of this miscreation through your physical, emotional and mental bodies as your Own, and bring your Love to bear on it all, as your doing, and then undoing.
How enormous is this, how Absolutely Awesome are YOU.
And so as you fall totally in Love with yourself, with being YOU, with acknowledging absolutely everything you have been and done, and discovered the Lovingness that you ARE, You are changing EVERYTHING.
So as every miscreation arises the Law of Grace operates through you Now. Through your willingness to simply see what arises in you and Love it all free with a glance, with a “YES”, with a touch of loving kindness to yourself. It happens in a twinkling of an eye if you will allow.
No need for deep processing, analysis, any dramatic production, and the forever question of “Why”. Simply a touch, a wink, sometimes tears of release, and always a Knowing inner Smile of “Thankyou, thankyou, now I Know”.
Whether the trigger is a dream, an event in the day, a memory of childhood, a past life, or ancestral miscreation it matters not.. All is coming up in perfect alignment for you and your contracted purpose to expunge the karma of the ages.
And it matters not whether it was yours or not. WE are One in the Collective Flow of HUman Consciousness and WE are at the same time a Unique Facet of the ONE.
And Yes Beloveds at times you feel the weight of it all on your body, and the tears flow copiously, sadness of human hearts drags powerfully, and at the same time your body is transforming and so you must sleep a lot to allow it to process without the interference of your beautifully curious mental mind. Doubt, confusion (head spin), and memory loss is the order of the day often and you wonder why the heck you, came here.
And yet WE are doing it.
Let the shit hit the fan.
Its clean up time.
And through the Law of Grace, Love has found a Way through YOU Precious Souls.
NO MORE “Karma”.

I So Love You

Nicky Hamid


0202 2020 – METATRON – EXODUS — Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – Secrets of the Universe

Greetings My Beloved Masters of the Universe! This is such an exciting message that I can’t wait to share it with all of you. You see on February 2, 2020 (0202 2020) we’re going to have a palindrome date, a mirror image date which happens exceptionally rarely, and the next such date will be 1000 […]

via 0202 2020 – METATRON – EXODUS — Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – Secrets of the Universe







Greetings Beloved Ones,

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst, and we greet you with Love. Today, we wish to discuss nurturing yourself in the higher dimensional energy.

Much new higher dimensional energy is reaching your planet. This offers you the opportunity to assimilate it into your own energy field as you continue on your ascension path.

This assimilation is much easier when you nurture yourself.

When you nurture yourself, you can tune out the outer noise more easily. You are less likely to be swayed by what others want you to do. You become centered and in tune with your internal guidance. Your inner knowing is clearer. You are able to discern what is a good fit for you and what is not at your current point of ascension.

This provides you with the opportunity to let go of what is no longer a good fit for you in order to make energetic space for what can help you move forward on your ascension path. You may have completed certain steps on your path, and now you are ready to take the next ones. When you nurture yourself, you are providing the energetic opening for this new awareness and for higher consciousness.

You are honoring the Divine when you nurture yourself. You carry a Divine Spark within your heart center, and this connects you with All That Is. You honor this connection as you nurture yourself. You are expressing profound Love and gratitude for this connection. You are acknowledging that you are part of the collective consciousness of Creation. You recognize yourself as the precious Being of Light that you are.

The more you nurture yourself, the greater your awareness of this connection becomes.

Nurturing yourself allows you to harmonize all of your energy on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

For example, if you nurture yourself by relaxing your physical body, your emotional and mental bodies may relax also, and your spiritual body may shift to a higher level of consciousness.

The ways you nurture yourself will depend on what calls to you and where you are on your path at the moment. You may choose activities that are quiet and done in solitude, or you may prefer to be part of a group activity. You may alternate between different activities, or you may decide to tune in to see what calls to you at the moment.

For example, you may decide on one day that you want to meditate alone, and on another day, you want to be part of a group activity. It is not an either-or situation. It is honoring what calls to you at the moment.

The important part is to choose ways to nurture yourself that resonate with you. It doesn’t matter whether your choices are what someone else does. You are a unique and special Being. What calls to you is likely to be aligned with what you need at that moment. When you nurture yourself in a way that resonates with you, you are honoring yourself at the moment.

This allows you to rise to higher consciousness because you are connecting with your Soul. You are in the flow. As this occurs, your attention shifts to higher aspects and ways of being.

You become aware of yourself as part of the greater collective of Beings of Light. You remember that Love and highest good are overarching themes of higher consciousness.

When this occurs, you begin to find ways to express these qualities in daily life. You may smile at someone. You may send healing Light to humanity, or you may begin to observe situations from a higher perspective.

As you do this, your own consciousness rises to a higher level, and you are a part of highest good.

Beloveds, we are happy that you are nurturing yourself and rising to higher consciousness. We are with you as we work together for highest good.

Know that you are greatly loved.

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst,

…and WE surround you with Love.

And so it is.

Copyright © 2020 Linda M. Robinson, All Rights Reserved. Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship, including my name and website, is given.  Linda M. Robinson, This information may be published in journals, magazines or public print only with written permission.  Email:


Recovering What Was Lost ~ Yvania Bartholomeusz


Recovering What Was Lost….
I INvite You to FEEL INto this.

Through Divine Union of Mother/Father/Child – of ALL possible Entangled combinations that present – through Relationship dynamics, through Cosmic Master Dynamics, through Coloured Light Spectrums/Rays/Dragons, through the Notes Between The Music, – Through ALL ELEMENTS in ALL DIMENSIONS – There In Lies The Missing Piece.

The Colourless Piece of The Puzzle…Yet it can also Present as All Colours.
Burried Deep are the Secrets of Creation withIN this Realm….The Hidden Spectrum of ALL That Is.
What was left Behind from The Beginning of This Realm… Corrupted and Weilded by those who sought to Deceive… Not All Rainbows lead to ‘The Pot of Gold’.

When those of Pure Heart, having Completed The Alchemy of ALL, Beyond The Rainbow come Together – The Diamond Heart of Creation Will Sing Once More. No Longer Mis-Under-Stood – Risen IN PURE LOVE.
The Keepers Of PURITY Will ReStore and Create A New.

IN Love ALLways,
Yvania 🕊️💎🕊️

Yvania Bartholomeusz

When you affirm life, life affirms you ~ Judith Kusel


One of the greatest lessons in soul mastery, is that when you affirm life, life affirms you. When you negate life, life negates you.
You are the master of your own soul path.
Destiny does play a part, in the overall soul contract and path which you decided upon, before you were born. I see it as a given framework, you dedided upon with your higher guides, and you can, within this framework, create the greater unfoldment of your soul purpose and mission, nor negate it, as so many do, as they sink into the sleep of forgetfulness. Remember we have free will and choice, and it is ultimately our choices, which determine just how much and how far we expand and empower ourselves at soul level.
It is very important to grasp this: in my Soul Readings and Twin Flame Soul Readings, this comes to fore time and again.
We so often blame destiny or blame whatever circumstances, or people or whatever came our way, forgetting that in truth we have free and will and choice about how we are going to REACT to whatever life brings us.
If you read the biographies of men and women who truly overcame everything, even the most physical challenges, or immensely traumatic circumstances, you will be inspired to know, that in truth nothing and no one can stand in the way of your soul’s ultimate mastery! The only one standing in the way, is you, yourself, and the perceived fears, the perceived obstacles, the perceived lack of anything.
One of the best ways to affirm life, is to make, whatever you deeply and profoundly wish to bring into life and form, and within your soul destiny and highest calling, into manifested form.
In my Soul Empowerment Level I Course, I give you such tools.
They are tools for life. I use them every day, and I can attest that these tools work for me, just like they have worked for my students.
The trick is to always bring your deepest and most heartfelt prayers in highest alignment with your soul calling, empowerment, purpose and mission. When you truly SERVE the greater whole, through the way you bring all of this into manifested form, then you will find that the Rain of Blessings pours upon you.
The greatest of all lessons, is when you ask for something, to do so from your Higher Soul Self, and not the lower self. The Higher Soul Self, has the Cosmic and galactic view, for it sees the bigger picture. The Lower Self, only sees limitations, too much effort, worries about the how, when and wheres and sees only lack. The Lower Self is often overrruled by fears and worries and then becomes stuck, as it cannot move forward, nor backwards – often indeed, slides backwards, because if one is stuck one cannot gain the momentum one needs to move forward.
When the visions, the Calling are greater than the sum of your ego, then you will find ways of getting there. For your Calling will pull you there, even in spite of yourself. The bigger the calling, the more trust and faith is required. Yet, it is trust and faith, which hone the soul muscles more than anything else, and in that very moment, when what one has so prayed for, asked for, worked towards, finally manifests into form: – priceless! One has tears of gratitude running down the cheeks, one stands in awe and wonder, and more than this, one knows, this is just a stepping stone, to ever greater wonders!
Such is the gift!
Judith Kusel
Photo: Josephine Wall



High percentage of electrified streams to both hemispheres – new nervous pathways in creational progress. Explosive ‘pressure’ or electrical pulses to nervous system itself. Emotional plane/body is highly charged, and burst out.

Practice DEEP CONSCIOUS BREATHING, where you intentionally ‘take’ these electrical streams into rhythm of inhale and exhale, till you become One with each coming stream. Do not resist, do not hold inside or supress. Take your awareness directly in what feels bigger than you and wants to burn in bold bright flames; merge with ethereal element of FIRE (Plasma photonic light), and adapt it as a part of transformations.

If you experience too high emotional pressure, and, small word or movement from those around you can make you explode, or desire to ‘clear everything till foundations’, ACCEPT it, ACCEPT your own emotional condition, and GO to BREATHE without overthinking/digging deeper ‘why, who, when’. BE conscious aware, that your physical nervous system, vessel and Emotional body is in ongoing highly charged electrical particles, and, this is not meant to test you or trigger you, or measure level of your patience. There is no any need try to control it, except to Observe, to Oversee, to Accept, to Work with it in a ways that serves as Letting go and healthy harmonisation of entire Being, in order to allow occur requested processes due nervous system, nervous pathways, transformative upgrades to Emotional Body.

The First and foremost, – BE ~ EASY ~ to YOURSELF.

Breathe work is inner work. This is your First living TOOL, you always have with you.
Find a place, find a position, – body and awareness will show to you, how to Breathe, how deep Breathes to take. Possible for some, body will request to go in motions, – to run, to walk, to jump, to dance.

Unify your Breath with sitting position. Unify your Breath with body in motion.
FEEL your systems.
Transform emotions, that no longer serves for your highest Path.
Transform emotions, that brings on surface anger, resistence, fears, rage, ego based power.. in LOVE. Through BREATHE. With LOVE towards your DIVINE SELF and Human.

Forgiviness is an Energy that softens and opens, that leads to inner Zero Point, where most deepest hurt becomes living Light, and brings you back in Oneness Within.
Healing is as Open Gates to Version of You

This element of PLASMA FIRE, creates and activates Galactic Dragon Aspect energies, and Breathe of the Christed Dragon.
Breathe of Christed Dragon Purify structures and constructs of solid 3D Mind Matrix programming in sub-levels.
The Dragon Collective comes forth to those who are most related with Dragon Aspect (included in Divine Blueprint for this current incarnation and service to the Whole).
If you feel guided and it resonates with your present journey, made open connection to the Dragon Collective via your I AM Presence Within.

With most 💛 Love

Kwana Mikaela

Reclaim What Is Yours ~ The Creator Writings


As the newest wave arrives and raises you up, be sure to take your self-worth with you.  Traveling a truthful path can be isolating and The Universe recognizes that some have surrendered that vital of themselves to be part of a group or relationship.  If you surround yourself with those focused on Unconditional Love and truth, you will never be asked to give up a part of who you are.  It is time to reclaim what was left behind, dearest one!  You are worthy and deserving of being whole. ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

Shine On ~ Nicky Hamid


Your shine penetrates always. It is just that for some people it takes some time for your glowing Presence to be recorded in your conscious awareness.
Shine always, but always, reaches the other’s heart. You have seen for yourself how the brightest, softest of substances, water, can wear down the rock of mountains and crack the hardest stone.
Just remember in these times Love is pouring in from Source penetrating everything, and everyone, even though they may appear far from feeling it.
Your Presence, your Shine, provides a grounded proof that they may “come out”, that it is safe, that the nightmare dream sequence is over.
If you can do it regardless, so will they, we are so connected.
I so Believe in You.
Shine On

I So Love You

Nicky Hamid
PS When I say “Shine On” I have always intended it literally.
WE are now in a sea of Light and photons and this is constantly streaming through us (every cell from the inside out).
Now when you are in coherence, ie feeling your Lovingness, your DNA starts to unwind and when it does it emits light.
As you love Being You and take more of your Lovingness your light radiates through your body.
Jesus talked about this so many years ago “You are the light of the world”, “shine your light for all to see”.
You are the miracle of the Second Coming, a Christed Consciousness.
So sweet Sisters and Brothers why wouldn’t your skin begin to glow, and the light be seen in your eyes.

In An Instant ~ The Creator Writings


One of the most truly beautiful things of your existence is change.  You have the power to change anything in your life in an instant…if you give yourself the permission to do so.  Rather than seeing a never-ending stream of challenges, give yourself the gift of creating new thoughts, feelings and actions that encourage and foster positive outcomes.  You are always worth it! ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

Earth Grid Lines Clearing ~ Grethel Borrego


Earth Grid Lines Clearing💜
My guides and I in a dream of grid work
( this is raw forgive my English)😜

In my dream I was seeing this images and codes I’m seeing many races being joined the same spot on inner earth so while I observe I asked this question I hope serve all of you.

What are we doing?

Clearing the gridlines (one of my guides said)

What are they? ( I ask)

They are programs lightworkers are working on releasing.

What is that mean?

Yes, ascension codes chosen by humans before born….they said.

Humans wanted to explore and clear out from this plane.

You are not singular everything you do it ripples someone elsewhere and in divine order brings harmony on the universe by you creating the alchemy if the light!!!

Can you explain clearly? 😁 as I saw how the lines and codes change in light and density

Let me give you an example if in your soul family many souls are working on addiction and you would like to assist your light tribe by having addiction clear out from the lineage, therefore, you may have chosen to be drug addict that may be your trigger and is it your triggers what we would say many of you are giving as a gift on this attention process.

And the lines I’m seeing?

They represent light codes that carry information from the Akash, those codes are all has been, is an will be.

In other words, if on your soul talking about the same example addition many life was your struggle then you will carry codes to attract experiences related to addiction in order for you to transmute the code and transform it into a sacred light code where before was an addiction and in its alchemy become alignment.

At the greater eye, everything is working for you and all versions of you.


Every code has become sacred in you ( healed) it is released from every version of you.

We are talking about quantum and we know humans have trouble to comprehend what we are talking about. However, in order words you don’t need to know it all ( in would be overwhelming) all you need to know is the light work you are doing impact many planes just being here, you all do.

This are exciting time for humans to be here even though we know many of you struggle and from our point of view you have to become quantum to ease you flow…

Each code in you has a reason to Be!

All everything it’s meant to be and when we refer to code we are talking about programs, intention, beliefs…. in general your energy and all you do here.

Our advice, is flow with who you are….. All you do becomes your light work .

Live the love, raise your quotation of love this plane it’s desperately needing to raise the love in every aspect and love will be the solution for all your struggles.

Can you explain why we do the grids in a way I understand?

Each grid carries sacred light codes infuse with a universal force that helps those light to be transformed into alignment, the crystal amplifies the magnitude of the code you create today.

Know to finish this transmission beyond the words the codes what you understood and what was not, know this transmission has light encoded that was activated on your soul and your soul knows exactly what serves your purpose.

In love and blessings, we hold you 

Grethel C. Borrego

The Encoded Frecuency Message

Affirmations: I Am a Starseed Magician ~ Steve Nobel

“I am a Starseed Magician. I am here in this ascending dimension of struggle and hardship to birth a new reality. A reality of higher light, of higher consciousness, of higher potential. I have come to liberate others to their true power and light. I am a pioneer in this ascension process. I am a reality creator. I am a Starseed Magician. I am here to reveal the true nature of this dream world. Within this dream world I have come to reclaim my true light, my true power. I have come to open my heart and mind to the truth of my being and my place in this vast Multi-verse of light. I have come to banish all lower toxic energies around me. I am here to banish all shadows…….”

Steve Nobel

Something is afoot ~ Nicky Hamid


Something is afoot. Something magnificent and awesome.
The excitement is palpable.
I have seen a future and you cannot believe how beautiful it is.
From the depth of my knowing I sense it in every flower, every blade of grass, every handful of earth, every corner of our house, every supermarket shelf.
It is everywhere, a Coming, an Arriving, a Popping magically into Now reality.
It is not waiting, it is building.
An aggregating of quanta, adamantine particles, sparkles of the Divine, weaving and dancing.
Coalescing as seeds that are at the point of bursting into Life, a new creation.
I know you are all feeling the accelerating energy and even though for most it is being experience as a lethargy, as though your body is just too heavy to carry around with you, there is only one thing you can do and that is whatever you have to in order to move through the day.
However, unimaginable things are happening to you. You are changing, growing, expanding. You are opening, blending, softening, and lightening.
Feeling giddy, vague, dopey, and weak is part of it.
Trust yourself, you know where you are going. Where and to whom you have always yearned you would be.
Let go, you are almost HERE docking at the next “Waystation” of your Divine journey Home to Yourself.
Your expansion never ends but you gradually become accustomed to these “growth spurts”. And YES, what goes with the climb is a most magnificent view that grows wider, deeper and more joy filled.
Just as a reminder let me reiterate what I have said for many years.
There is NO MORE KARMA. Everything is coming up because it is leaving as it was to become something else
Precious Souls do not hold on to any of it.

I So Love You.

Nicky Hamid

Magic Happens ~ The Creator Writings


You talk of attaining bliss, striving for the goal of BEingness and fighting to find the quiet within like it is your employment. The Universe has never made things that hard. All you have to do is breathe, that is it, that is all. Just breathe and magic happens. ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

Angelic Collective Protective Military Division and Ascended Dragons via Galaxygirl | January 26, 2020

Greetings friends of the light, of the way. We are the Angelic Collective Protective Military Division here to bring light and warmth to you in this moment of uncertainty upon your planet, Gaia, who is ascending quite rapidly. You are feeling and seeing the shake-off of the old dimensional matrix that is cracking, breaking, shattering all around you. You are to hold the light. You are to hold the love. You are to hold the peace. And so, we are here to fortify you in your efforts for this mighty task, as you hold the light of the world in your ever brightly-beaming hearts. We see you from the ethers, from space. Your light is shining so vast, so far. You cause us to weep tears of joy for you have done it, ground team! You have done it and we are here to support, to guide, to uplift, to bear witness to this tremendous success. The darkness is sputtering, trying to create chaos and havoc. Be safe, be wise, be shrewd in your surroundings. Invite us, your angels, invite the ascended dragons with whom we work most closely. Invite your protective squad to protect you and yours in all moments. Invite us to act freely for the utmost good on your behalf and we shall do it. We surround you in a protective bubble of the purest, whitest light, that is impenetrable to the darkness. Nothing can pierce this light. It is a tremendous shield of goodness, of truth, of love surrounding you and yours should you allow. Allow. Allow our protection. We enshroud you with light of the highest caliber, strength like graphene, true and strong as a mother’s love for her baby. We see you. We see you through the ancient eyes of time of one who sees clearly. You are strong enough for this and you are not alone.

We are the Angelic Collective Protective Military Division. We have your back, we have your front, we have your hearts, we are always here for you, most precious ground team of the ages. This one is crying – can you feel our love? Can you feel how very close you are? You are but a breath away of this new reality that you are creating and envisioning. Breathe it in and claim it as your own.

We are the Angelic Collective Protective Military Division. Peace, brothers and sisters of the light, of the way. Peace. Victory is yours. Victory to the light! Victory to the Mother and Father of all things! Victory to the Christ light that surrounds. Be ignited with his presence and be in his peace.

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. We see through the eyes of no time. We see with the all-seeing golden eyes of Source light. We cannot be fooled and too, we see the keenness and insight of the human awakening ones is improving. True. Good. It is time for such changes, such upgrades of the new.

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. I Elthor, am speaking. The masculine energies are in the process of being healed. Tremendous lights of the rainbow hue have been knitting together the wounded parts of the masculine warrior. Men, it is time for you to come home, to fully embrace your feminine side, which is your strength. For otherwise you are out of balance and it benefits no one. The elders are listening, we see. Good. It is time too for you to become balanced, leaning more with your hearts and less with your heads. For the time of the great rebalancing is here, dear ones. Dear little human. Can you feel our love? We breathe our dragon light upon your crown now, igniting your kundalini, igniting all of your chakras that spin and twist with orgasmic light, just as the galaxies move so too do your chakras move. All is moving, all is love in motion. It is time for the love in motion to return to Gaia! (Roaring)

I Alisheryia, am speaking. Dear Elthor, peace. (He is laughing). We are all on edge. We are burning blazing, blasting the viral strains of the dark. They are twisting in our dragon light. Join with us. Humanity cannot be culled. Humanity is chosen for the light. Humanity is the genetic jewel of this universe and beyond, as you know, for you hold within you the precise blending of the many into the one. You have been manipulated. This is ending now. We dragons of the ascended ones are here. We are forming a grid of protective light around your world. The souls that were contracted to leave are leaving. This, we will not stop. But we will protect and defend those whose contracts are to stay. And so we guard you, dear little humanskinds. We guard you with fierce, tremendous love. You are teaching our fledgings much about bravery. Many of you visit us in your dream states. We enjoy these times. You in fact are teaching us all a thing or two about light in the darkest of places. And so we partner with you. Invoke our protection, for you shall need it in the coming days and hours. The war is raging in the ethers. The snake whose head is removed can still bite. This is the hour that we see. This is the moment that we are in. This is why there is so much going on in your news as the chaos of the dying order writhes and twists as a dying snake. Send it light. It will dissolve faster. Send it love and melt your fear. Invoke the dragon flame of healing, of light, of the ascension order into your planet, into your hearts. Invoke light into the darkest of places. And it shall be done. For you are the ones creating this. I, Alisheryia, and I Elthor, and we the Ascended Dragon Collective and we the Angelic Collective Protective Military Division are here to offer our support, our strength. We will hold the light with you. You are not alone. I, Alisheryia breathe my feminine fire upon all now, igniting, clearing, enlivening, comforting. Peace.

~ galaxygirl


The Calling ~ Judith Kusel


The calling will be greater than ever before.
The more one resist the call, the more it will persist at this time.
So many allow fears to run their lives, and fears of what would happen, should they finally go out and live that call.
The urgency of the call is now greater than the sum of all the fears, all the excuses, all that is blocking and hindering that call, for in truth there is a COSMIC URGENCY, as all is moving into accelerated ascension.
The old structures, the old forms of life and living will disintegrate, and with it, the old systems, which kept it all together, even if archaic.
Your soul will always be led to the deepest and highest truth within itself! It will remind you, time and again, of your soul contract, you soul calling, mission and purpose, and it will keep at it, until you finally GET IT!
Yes, it is not easy to take leaps of faith in to the unknown. I have been there, gone through it, done it, and still need to take those leaps of faith, daily! Yet, all of this had taught me, that I am never alone, and that I am always carried through, on the wings of angels and the Divine.
The greater the leap of faith, the more and greater the miracles which happen.
This is not a time to shrink away from the Call: – but to heed it and be prepared to dive in deeper and deeper, for we are in massive transformation! We need to transcend the old life and step in to a totally new life!
This the moment!
Seize it!
Judith Kusel

Faerie Reminder ~ Nicky Hamid


I am into the microcosm this morning, small is beautiful.
The “littlest faerie” (she actually morphs her size) sat on my shoulder and reminded me once more that Profound is in the Small.
In our holographic reality the “larger”, more expanded version of humanity and of life, as we know it, is reflected in every one of us. It is referred to as a consensus reality for each of us has agreed to share the blueprint both in terms of creation and expansion. The multiple versions of such creation and expansion manifest through our individualised points of view and modes of expression. A grande tone from the blending of notes, as it were.
A quantum point of view reminds us to focus on the small aspects of life, the “sub-atomic particles” which exist inside the field of you (which in fact is vast), as light ‘packets” of information held in place through your consciousness.
These can be seen as minute “light dots” especially when you gaze at a clear blue sky, but they are everywhere,, as the veil has lifted and Higher Light reveals more dimensions to experience, more and more people see them.
The more you go “within”, into your Heart Knowing the more you will see them. They are in fact the greater field of you, as Gaia/Self field, the Solar/Self field, Galaxy/Self field, Cosmic/Self field, and beyond beyond, Source/Light field. Your within without as it were.
For many cycles of life, individuals have had their concentration projected into the external world. And currently, as you see here on FB, we become distracted by the grand happenings of life, by chaotic disruptions which extend the distraction from focusing on awareness/within and becoming more aware of the finer details of our True Self.
HUmanity and YOU are now in the process s of crossing the bridge (Bridge to Ascension) into a new way of developing your senses, and becoming more conscious of the ‘little’ aspects of self which make up the grander collective consciousness of our more expanded Self.
And thus you will be finding that your body experience and life experiences are not allowing you to focus on the large for any length of time.
Those bigger purposes you have in mind will only be built upon the Quanta of ‘smaller’ particles fashioned from with your Loving and joyful creations Within.
In order to be able to contribute to a complete change in the external world, that we see as a great community of HUmanity, we are being asked, nudged, cajoled and even pushed, to look at the small events, and gestures of life which lead up to the greater gesture called Change.
You now know full well that nothing in life remains static, but are you clearly focused at this current time on the finer details of your life, and life in general, AS YOU EXPERIENCE IT, rather than fixing the larger problems you see in the world.
Can you really accept that you, and your life as you find it, are a microcosm of the entire “grander” view? That everything you need to change in the world is reflected in what you are directly experiencing, and is about You?
That your next step in “saving the world” is to give that whole idea up?
That your next step is right in front of you, in this moment, and will be in the next?
Can you accept that the pain or ache you are now experiencing, as you “clear it” (feel it, acknowledge it with love and NO judgement, and let it go), you are aiding the whole change process for HUmanity and Earth?
Even if the next thing you need to do is to lie down and let go and sleep. Don’t you think that the next kind thing you do for your body you will be doing for us all and for Earth (Gaia)?
Cut out at least some of the distraction and look to the beauty and grace of the small that is in front of you and within you. Make peace with your world and embrace it deeply in a joyful and sacred manner.

Thankyou, “littlest faerie” for this Huge Reminder.

I So Love You

Nicky Hamid

Loving Bonds ~ Paul Dobree-Carey


Familiarity with the energy fields of Others form energetic emotional bonds which create empathetic and sympathetic resonance – especially with those closest to you.

Focused desire, Love and mutual appreciation create connective pathways which strengthen over time albeit through relationship, association and intentional respect for another.

As Above, So Below – like dendrites within the brain, capillaries within the blood vessels, tributaries upon the river and roots beneath the tree – we build and remain connected and joined to all those we know and Love. Know that Loving Bonds remain for an eternity in a Soul Quantum Entanglement and YOU will retain versions of you that be reunited again.

What happens when the relationships and associations end during a lifetime? Are the links severed, does the connection cease in an instant, are the pathways dissolved? In most cases, NO !

Thought transfer, the recall of memory echoes and the internal intention of continued desire will sustain the flow of energy along the previous links created. Many of these links are carried from one day to the next or from previous lifetimes only to be triggered and replayed once again as the ghosts of moments shared and passed.

Much has been written about the cutting of energetic ties, removal of vows and former promises by various practices such as through affirmations or invoking the powers of ArchAngel Michael to assist with the tie-cutting process. Certainly the power of Self-Will would serve great purpose if this one single act could remove all previous bonds in a single sword stroke from Michael.

However, this is not always the case and in many instances the ties are removed only to re-form once again upon renewed encounters, triggers of memory and continued association with the object of the bonds.

You will know that your thoughts create the reality around you, whilst your senses continue to interpret, categorise and label the energies that are constantly passing through your heart centre. Those energies continue to provide you with the very form and structure required to instantly rebuild any former ties that have been previously cut. What you resist, persists – if your thoughts still remain fixed on your former focus.

An argument or disagreement that remains unresolved continues to feed the energy of its creation to the parties involved, regardless of the number of ties cut in-between. It is the energy of the creation itself that continues the bond not the intention to remove it. All such ties continue to draw and leak energy away from the heart centre whilst they remain in existence. These ties will create a weakening system leading to mental instabilities and emotional blocks which in turn becomes physical illness and disease.

The Belief system is the key to dealing with such bonds and ties, for it is your perception of beliefs that hold together the form and substance of your energetic bodies and the chains that bind it together.

We cannot and should not continue to bury away all that we are not prepared to face at this time. All that is rigid shall be shaken. All that is hidden shall be revealed and brought forward in view to be dealt with.

This time is NOW.

The energy frequencies that form the bonds should be able to pass through the heart centre without triggering or creating an associated vibrational response or resonance. The thought of another, the memory of a previous situation, the glimpse of a future scenario, the sound of a voice, the harmony of a song – all of these can trigger the formation of a bond that snakes out as a Path of Intention towards the object of intent.

The focus of energy in any direction calls the Particles of Substance to form a pathway upon which to build a connective link. This is the design of the Universe through the manifestation of Will and Desire known under the Law of One as the the Law of Attraction.

Form your thoughts carefully for every single thought creates a link for Source to act upon, to start building the foundations of your Belief system.

What you think, so you become.

All that YOU become is all that you believe your Self to be.

With Loving Blessings 
Paul Dobree-Carey / Polaris AB
Messages and Articles –

I SEE YOU ~ Nicky Hamid


I see so many who are on the brink of stepping fully into their Love but instead of jumping, teeter on the cliff face holding on to their sorrow, their lack, their possession of their own identity that is linked to who they are not.
And we do this even though we anticipate the beauty and magnificence of the inner Promise of the emergence of Divine Self.
Let it go.
And how do you let it go?
Choose differently in each moment about the pull into the pain, doubt, regret or the inner power struggle.
Choose to take the little girl or little boy who once felt confused, abandoned or frightened, who was told and taught to strive, and contrive and connive, and take them back into your heart.
Tell them they are now safe and thank and honour them for the courage to have been where they have been.
This is not taking back the “inner child”. It is owning the joyful free and creative part of Soul You Are. The part that sees everything as new, as full of possibilities, as beautiful.
Take the time to honour, bless and love yourself whenever you are drawn (feel dragged) back.
And as you jump you will feel the joy and the expansion of who you are.
Dear hearts jump into the real expression of your Lovingness wherever you are in whatever situation.
It goes beyond thoughts of love, affirmations or ideas of what love is or should be. It is in subtle, gentle, soft, deep, expansive and profound feeling that has no description.

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.

I So Love You

Nicky Hamid
PS. Please pass this on so, many could use hearing it. Trust them, their Soul knows. And look at this little one in the picture. What you see that is so appealing, so revealing, so lovable is how You came here direct from Source. Pure, knowing, innocent and honest. It IS who you are as Master. You have to reclaim that for it is who You ARE and the LOVE OF YOU. Step by step, in Trust and Allowance, in touch with your Loving Heart, is the only way you will fully remember.

Twin flame Drawing ~ Grethel Borrego


Twin flame Drawing💜
Actication of the Heart Chakra.

When I look at both of your higher self co-mingling together I noticed the balance between being both glowing soul and the light sparkling creating a type of wings feathery twinkling Rainbow light as an expression on the frequency of love.

Greetings and blessings.

We are here today, our consciousness in the form of a collective of Love, and as we create a circle, we ask you to become one with us now in the consciousness of love and begin to open your energy field to allow the light codes to infuse your space, activating the love in each particle of your Beingness and each cellular structure.

We ask you to become one with this consciousness to prepare you for healing which we facilitate by holding hands, this being the process that prepares you for the information that will come forth.

We are not just one but are many and we also ask you to participate and have the willingness to allow your guides to facilitate the connection, blending you into our consciousness which is made up of multidimensional energies. We are all together in this universe of oneness. You are sovereign and You are your own creator. You are complete.

The entire universe is eternal and is singular Being, call it God, which manifests in an infinite number of forms. The Higher Self undoubtedly recognizes itself in everything knowing that nothing is separate.

What people in human form experience are glimpses of oneness followed by personal interpretations of that which is beyond what the mind can understand. Even the idea of enlightenment is nothing more than a concept existing in the minds of the unenlightened.

The truth is heard silently from the circle of light bringing peace and recognition of the loving connection between souls.

Souls cannot be truly separated but they can be divided into hundreds of pieces and vibrate in different dimensions, and all of those soul fragments are parts of a soul family.

Human souls are our ‘family of souls’ with whom we have reincarnated many times and who help us to evolve and work out karma, co-creating together in the physical but also as soul with soul without time and space.

These relationships with souls that we have shared past lives with help each of us to heal and evolve as we meet again and again. However, these agreements between souls are always for the greater good of both. Who you are in a relationship determines the inner resources that must be brought into it.

Who you are in any relationship is what matters most – from our point of view the more humans are able to show who they are with openness, and to be nakedly open and present, the more satisfying the relationship will be.

Human love relationships are meant to be satisfying and it they aren’t, it’s not because of your soulmate or twin, compatibility, or matching astrology signs, it is about how deeply honest you can be with yourself in sharing space with another. It is about being courageous in revealing yourself to another human being.

The first step we recommend is honesty with yourself and deep contemplation of who you are, fully loving who you are and fully seeing through your beliefs.

The second part is when two souls meet in the physical there is a certain energy that you just get, and little by little your energy is shared equally, where you find harmony in the relationship and you begin to become a reflection of one another as your twin flame.

However, by being a reflection for each other, receive with compassion and openness the imperfections of one another.

You just need to be present and when you do that your responses to imperfections will be loving and supportive and the camaraderie of that relationship can be most sweet and loving.

The environment of intimacy can be so deep that it literally provides the space to intensively heal and you want to be present and accepting of who you are and to love to the fullest because you give one another the safe space for emotional and deep healing to take place.

In the alchemy of love and light we leave you

Twin flame council💜

Grethel C. Borrego

The Encoded Frecuency Message

Elven Starlight Journal ~ Elen Elenna


Elven Starlight Journal

This Moon is stood guardian by the Eagle Elders of the Morningstar Lodge, who bear witness the rising of the sacred groves of Light upon earth once more. To a mystery deeper than time, deeper than appearances, of a New Dawn, that our souls know in their silence and their Elder Light.

It is the Pearl Moon, overlit by the Star dimension of Draco, in the greater galactic cycles of Earth. The Elven and the Star Elders share this wisdom once more, of a reattunement to the celestial and primordial mode of creation ~ to its structure and architecture that known within the natural music of the soul.

As another Great Year unfolds, of 2020, we are called to create that which has been held in the records, fashioning in the new golden galactic resonance of Source Consciousness. With so many seals lifted, there is a cascading level of new/ancient creation, that is offering itself to be anchored by you with some power and architectural presence. In the ashes of all that has been released, the shimmering fine grey stardust of all that we have let go of, on the purified ground, White Phoenix rises up, her tail feathers aglow with pearlescent colours, a fire opal of moons to come.

Over and over you have remembered who you are, and that returning mystic heart of a wisdom that is to be gifted. Echoing through to you, through dream and vision, through every passing Stargate, of the moons and suns that have been. So much returns.

It is a different time

Allow it to begin

Allow this One to come to you, this mystic vast resounding of another way that you know

Apply the architecture that has been gifted

Through your surrender you have received so much, and now it is time to apply it so that the new dimensional experience can emerge for all the generations to come

You wonder if it will make a difference, if it matters ~ yet you know it by the reverberation, the echo, the alteration in the continuum

A Morningstar beacon is lit

Altering everything, forever

You won’t find it by imitation or tracking through the external phenomena ~ it is all within

Brightest Blessings of this New Pearl Moon,

With Infinite Bright Love

Walking by your side, through the Dawn Lights

Elen Elenna

Elven Starlight Journal
New Pearl Moon


Elen Deer of the Morningstar


Focus On Your Path ~ The Creator Writings


As challenging as it can be to watch others walk their owns paths, it is important to remember and understand it is not yours.  Cringe-worthy moments will happen and you may say to yourself, “Oh boy, I’m glad that’s not me!” but, having a conscious awareness and the empathy to offer support if asked will always be a positive.  Release the need to be lulled into distraction by those moments.  Sometimes, it can be easier to look and point away from rather than at yourself.  Your focus should always be on your path and how you relate to the world.  This is when great growth occurs. ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner