Its time to go Home

Path beneath your Feet ~ Elen Deer of the Morningstar


This ground is the subtle Earth Goddess who tracks us and observes us, marking our trail through the forest. She is the rocks, the crystals, the sands, soils and stones that imprint the echoes of our progress. She remembers that originally you chose to come to Earth; she remembers that you chose her stardust shawl of many colours, that you arrived with deep joy because you knew that this was a miraculous gift.
She remembers that you wrapped the elemental shawl of her earth hues around your shoulders and rejoiced in the infinite resonance of her dimensions. This is your innocence, this is your acceptance.
This is before you began to forget. Before you began to reject aspects of elemental existence, to distance yourself from them. This is before you began to perceive your Light journey as separate from your Earth journey, and made the fatal mistake of believing that they were at odds with one another. Before this, you knew that this beautiful and multi-hued ground was your journey into Light. It offered you the deepest possible journey into Light that could be achieved in this Universe. This, this path beneath your feet is your hidden ground of Illumination. You are taking up this Gift once more, you are awakening to the teachings of stardust.

‘Silver Wheel – The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book’
– Elen Elenna

Elen Deer of the Morningstar

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