Its time to go Home



So many are feeling the Great Light the unconditional Love vibes coming through the Galactic Centre and our own Sun in great waves.
Simultaneously coming from Source You are through your mighty Soul Self into your body, and mind/emotion (electromagnetic auric field, to impact your personality (ego) self.
You feel it springing from within and without in the beauty, clarity, harmony, and Oneness which is connecting all the “dots” in your experiencing Life.
I am receiving many queries that are saying, “I feel this Love but things appear worse with my family”, more out of control. It is like my Presence is attracting (honing in on), issues , disharmony and discord.”
I would say that this is all about Unconditional Love. Love without conditions. Love without the fear of what will become of my “loved ones”, of humanity of my planet.
But if you love and hold the Truth of who they are, just as you are now learning to do with yourself, then what will become of them?
They will realize themselves in their own way and own time just as you have. Let go of all attachments and you can love them more.
The power of your love will be able to allow the space for miracles.
Love will always find the way even when there is no way.
It can when you are free of the ‘rescue syndrome’ brought about by possessive “love” which is attachment, powerlessness beliefs, and fear. A belief in the outright LIE, that WE are not forever of the ONE Great Shining LIGHT.
You will find that if you can hold the space for them with your loving and knowing who they really are (Shine you Soul Presence) and let go of all trying to change them, that they may be more able to find their own way through whatever they have put in their own way to experience.
You cannot contrive anything and their attachment to you will mean that they will see what they have set themselves up to see, until they are finished with it.
Do you understand this?
I KNOW that there will come a day, when parents are totally free of fear and possessiveness, such that they will easily able to let their child go to another environment on the basis of soul experience because we will all see the preciousness and clarity of loving guardianship and will not be dependent on the emotional ties that bind us to restrictive and destructive relationship through the false confusion of need from want. And I know that while some of you are still struggling with this, others have all but completed this journey.
Each of us has our own story to tell but with a common theme. How the breaking of attachments frees us to love in greater measure and to manifest the power of that freedom through our touch of Presence and our Shining.
So I dedicate this wall posting to the sharing from those who have taken this journey and any “tip bits” you have found along the way to share with those who are still finding their feet on how to resolve lovingness and family acceptance/rejection .
Thank you

I So Love You

Nicky Hamid

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  1. Wonderful text, Thank you!

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    January 13, 2020 at 2:32 pm

  2. 👏👏👏😉😘🤗❤🌟

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    January 13, 2020 at 4:57 pm

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