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Change Your Outlook ~ The Creator Writings


With the amount of effort it takes to hold onto and feed just ONE of your angers, hurts, disappointments or resentments, you could change a thousand lives.  Changing your outlook from negative to positive may seem like a worthless effort in the beginning but, the ‘pay offs’ are enormous. ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

The Rebirth amplified ~ Judith Kusel


The Pleiadean Counsel of Light is now working intensely with planet earth, as one of those 12 Master Galaxies who were involved with the creation of the outer earth.

The Pleiades hold the Temples of Light and so many of native people of the earth honor them as being their ancestors, e.g. the San Bushman of Southern Africa, as well as Native American Tribes.

At this moment the Pleiadean Counsel of Light with those of Sirius, Orion, Andromeda, the Milky Way Galaxy, Lyra, Arcturus, the Bear Constellation, Cygnus, Pegasus,  and others, are gathering like never before around the planet, assisting it incredible rise in vibrational frequencies as it shifts ever deeper into the 5th dimensional state, linking now to the 6th.

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The New Earth is buzzing with life.  She is not reborn, she is being recreated into the highest version of herself, as she was in the beginning.

She has been linked up to the 7th Central Sun of Illumination once more, and thus is being now infused with the highest codes and keys of Illumination, which for many millions of years, humanity did not have access to, as asteroids bombarded the earth and many of the ancient civilizations were destroyed, almost overnight.

Before these ancient civilizations were destroyed, their own Seers and Visionaries had warned of the impending destruction, and so of the people, en masse, who were ready, aware and conscious chose to withdraw their energy and their physical reality before the catastrophes happen.  They never left the planet, they merely exist in a much higher dimensional form, and thus a much higher type of light body form, and they call themselves “The Ancient Ones” as much as they are the Guardians and Keepers of those places which they still guard.

During the last 24 hours, massive energy changes have streamed in and are streaming in, which is accelerating the dimensional shifts as well as bringing rebirth at a very higher level.

The rebirth is happening a cellular and DNA levels, where the Pleiadean Counsel of Light, together with the Arcturans (the Master Galactic Healers/Physicians) together with the Higher Counsel of Medicine held in Sirius, are now reprogramming us a deep cellular and DNA levels.

As this is happening, old and dormant soul memory banks are surfacing, which are enabling us to now finally release the old negative karmic patterns created between souls (now again incarnated), as well as very old ancestral programming and negative patterns.

It will be as if the floodgates have opened, not only at physical level where our bodies now need to cope with accelerated upgrading, into the very core of each living cell and DNA strand, but also with the way we produce food and digest it.  Our digestive systems will start reacting to a much higher degree to what it finds intolerable and thus, be careful what you eat, and how you eat it.

Many soul contracts are being fulfilled now, and there will be a mass exit of the planet of those souls who are contracted to leave now.  They are making way for the new generations of pure souls who are already here, the and ones queuing up to be born.

We are during a dramatic rebirth; the likes of this humanity have never experienced before.

We need to build out light bodies and be diligent and disciplined about it.  It is best to work intensely with the Violet Fire now and become aware that the Fires of Purification are with us and purifying us to the highest degrees.

Some will cling onto the old structures, the old life and life forms, for dear life and will find that the more they cling onto anything, the more it will disintegrate.  One cannot hang onto anything and anyone anymore – all is rapidly changing form.

The Pleiadean High Counsel of Light (they hold the Temples of Light in the inner planes, as well the Light Language which is a language of sacred geometrical symbols and encoded codes of Light), are stressing that you will start feeling rebirth at within ALL your bodies: – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual and your etheric and energy bodies will be filled with high frequency light encodements beamed down from the Pleiades.


It is a time of transmutation, transformation, and to be welcomed and not feared.

It is a deep inner change which is happening: – for in truth Divinity lives within each one of us.  It from deep within ourselves that we connect directly to the Divine and All-That-Is.  This awareness will spread like wildfire now, for it time for humanity to remember and reconnect, for it only through this reconnection that you will be able to navigate the intense and immense changes pouring in, which will accelerate until 2034 when another portal of renewal opens.  Especially 2021, will accelerate the whole process and we will be assisted through all of this, if we are open to it.

Let the deepest healing within you now occur.  Let there be healing of the negative karmic patterns, let there be healing of the ancestral karma, the country karma, the collective karma.

And let there be a rejoicing, for all which has held us back for so long, and which kept us chained to the lower bodies of the 3rd Dimension, are now coming off.

This is immensely freeing, and it is truly a Divine Gift to humanity of the highest order.

The key to riding the wave of rebirth goes through the heart and soul and going deep within for guidance and reconnection to All-That-IS.

Judith Kusel

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Rebirth ~ Judith Kusel


The energy upgrades are pouring in and I have found in the last few weeks, that so much of the deeply buried trauma and pain of past lives came up, which I needed to work through, forgive and dissolve. I have also consciously asked the Lord of Karma and my higher guides of even deeper releasing of old karmic negative patterns, to free my soul even more.
It is wise to do just this. For as long as the old dramas, the old scenes, the old contracts and agreements you signed in previous existences haunt you, you cannot really be freed to move into the higher frequency states nor ascend in higher mastery.
The energies are churning the old up. Some it is so deeply buried, that we literally need to peel off layer by layer by layer. I have done so much clearing in the last 12 years and every time I think it all over, the next layer appears.
Remember that as you connect with souls during your lifetimes, even brand new ones (which are old acquaintances of previous lifetimes), your soul memory banks will get jogged. You may not always be able to pinpoint exactly what is triggering, but it will.
Places can trigger soul memory banks: – after returning from Greece and Egypt where my soul had incarnated before, I needed afterwards, (and while there) clear immense remembering of trauma and pain from the lifetimes there. It went very deep, and when I did that, a lot of the old karmic patterns I had created with certain souls in those lifetimes, surfaced for me to clear. With each clearing I felt an intense moment of sheer relief, like tons of weight had been taken off me at a very deep and profound level.
One just becomes lighter and brighter.
When pain manifest within your physical body at this time instead of swallowing tablets etc., go into the pain and ask your body what it is trying to tell you.
I had after a session with my spinal column treatment, when something intense was released – and indeed, that was a memory bank of a traumatic near-death experience I had during a past life. In releasing that memory bank, I could finally heal from relationship and free myself and the soul concerned.
The energies now are spinning us ever higher in the spiralling rebirth – thus know that as this happens, more and more layers will come off which need to be healed.
It is ultimately freeing us from the wheels of karma – and more than this is making us ever lighter and brighter so that we can create a new life in the higher dimensions.
Welcome in the changes – welcome in the higher healing which comes with it all!
(I will be giving a special Higher Healing Session, on the Saturday, 7th March, for those who would like a release of old karmic contracts, vows, etc. and would like a very deep cosmic cleansing and clearing, ancestral healing and karmic release. It is something I have only shared with my students up to now. Space is limited to 25 souls who sign up for the session. See elsewhere the details. I use these every single day and they work for me.)…/higher-healing-sessions/…
Judith Kusel The Higher Healing link is to book for the session on Saturday 7th March 2020, at 7pm South African time via Zoom. It is a 2 hour session, and will include two healing sessions, plus short teaching session. I will provide the Zoom link when I confirm your booking.
Judith Kusel

The New Codes are Entering ~ A Gift From Gaia

84975951_3515714991833434_1811005507620569088_n (1).png

The new codes are entering and the physical will respond where there is any unconscious Frequency lingering within.

It appears to be hitting the collective nervous system which is also directed towards the receive side of things, where are we blocked from receiving, which is ultimately where we are either not receiving or not acting upon trust/guidance…’s all got super Feminine.

Which now makes even more sense why I’m currently writing a new Light Gem to go in the library of the Opal Portal of the website.

It’s outlining the programming that sits around trust and authenticity, and shines a light on the spectrum of personal trust to Divine Trust in which you will see both as One within the transmission. I will let you know once it’s loaded or perhaps simply subscribe so you will know exactly when new data arrives.

This TRUST is most definitely going to need understanding on all levels because what is now entering will be the most highest of light grade Goddess frequ2ncies, something we have never to date experienced.

As a collective we resist guidance, we don’t pay attention, this means, this is about to become uncomfortable to those in resistance, ignorance and all forms of non-understanding.

I will be covering all this in the navigation reports to follow in the Opal Portal but for now be sure to rest, be sure to support the nervous system whether you think it’s activated or not, it most definitely is until the programming has been released. Extra self love in the form of herbs and Gaia medicine will be the most perfect preventative measure to what is likely to become an inflamed body if you do not act now.

The deepest of discord, ancient coding, more layers and level ups are flooding in.

The body may sweat to rapidly release old data, nerve issues inflame to highlight unconscious programming that is now requiring full attention. Feeling nauseous as we spin faster in the speed of light, headaches, and all of this still holds a message for you regarding where you are not yet in alignment with the new available frequencies. Pain, suffering and being uncomfortable are SIGNS that a manual (masculine) change is required. Do not be mistaking these for ascension symptoms as the noise will intensify.

This intensification is also being assisted by the recent Virus outbreak which is again yet another manifested mirror for us to see ourselves and how much of a virus we have become to our host, the Earth we all say we love.
With sickness being on everyone’s minds and lips we begin to manifest your so called ascension symptoms into the mirrors that reflect the fear programming.

This old way of thinking and the spiritual beliefs associated will be the karmic death of your choosing, eventually, although as we can see with the mirror of the virus and more frequencies of the 5th kind being turned on soon this is simply going to speed up the process as the fear codes are frazzled and the human Frazzles too.

Angels, if this strikes fear now then hallelujah your attention has been caught, because the gift is to reveal the fear now before each moves into a reactive space trying to grip the crumbling edges of a cliff that each chose to walk off. The ignorance is in the not bothering to step up now and it’s in the investments to the old ways that the internal voice knows full well is not bringing the light experience your soul requires to enter the phsyical, walking off those spiritual cliffs and hoping for some angel wings is suicide.

Being grounded is not about putting your feet in the earth, that is how we support our grounding, to ground is to land our Soul, it’s to unify and to know exactly how that works and operate it from only that space, because to operate from the physical space simply becomes the biggest and loudest load of nonsense.

I cannot express how precise this incoming energy that we are now receiving is going to feel and be experienced, although I know some of you are beginning to work that out through the reflections of your reality and fields in this now moment.

Here we go angels and remember, this isn’t personal, this is the evolution of our race and we each have a choice to join or to be the reflection so others can see the example and choose the light way for all the navigation, reports, keys and gems to keep you fully in the know 💙💙💙

A Gift From Gaia

ALL The Choices ~ The Creator Writings


When you were young, did you ever think that you would be where you are now, doing what you are doing and being the person you are now?  An infinite number of choices and personal decisions brought you to where you are in this moment.  Just think about that for a moment…(smiling)…extraordinary, yes?  Now, imagine all the decisions of a lifetime condensed into a few short weeks.  Just think of all the things you could accomplish!

The newest incoming wave of energy from The Universe will be giving you that opportunity!  So, what would you like to do dearest child?  Watch it pass you by or jump in and get to work?  Regardless of what you choose, know that you are loved, protected and cherished. ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

Let go ~ Nicky Hamid


Knowing that life will give you something better than whatever it asks you to give up.
It is the secret of being fearless, of being at peace with yourself. When you realise that life is one beautiful whole movement, a FLOW. And it cannot contradict itself, that it is not in conflict with anything it does within itself. And that we, as HUman beings, have the foundation of that very stuff within our Soul.

We only resist things simply because we think that life has come to take something away. And in a way it has but it gives to us always something more. Something that tells us that what we were is but as seed to a greater flowering. Life comes along to disturb us into new possibilities through our recognition of a higher purpose. You are in a vortex of your own discovery and as the spin, your spin takes you on around and around and if you allow you never come back to the same place for the vortex you are in takes you “up and up”, deeper and deeper “within and without”.
You first learn to ignore your doubts and step back from them. Then you cannot ignore what your heart is calling to you. You have to speak your truth and more often than not it is not understood by others. They can only see you as they want to see you but you are different. You are more and you feel More and yet they cannot see it because your more makes their feeling of “less” more prominent. So sometimes there comes a point when you really cannot say anything more but follow your own process without words and without the feelings of guilt that somehow they are hurting more. But that is their journey, not yours. And you care but will not be able to communicate that because they are feeling so unsafe. You understand their unsafety because you know it well but you must become “More” otherwise you will shrivel and die inside. You have to make your move of Trust and Faith not in spite of them but because of you. It is profound, and vulnerable but you must do it no matter what.
Then seeing the doubts pop up, smiling and saying “no thankyou”. Watch them float and becoming fewer and fewer and eventually hardly consequential at all because you have made your choice towards More of You.
Drop ever so gently into the FLOW.
Let go…………… Let go…………………..Let go.

I So Love You

Nicky Hamid

How do you surrender to Source? ~ Nicky Hamid


What you have learned, through effort, and struggle is what you cannot do and how society has defined you and what you are not. In other words the illusionary non self. Making the Shift is about letting go to an energy that is totally taking care of you and everything. This is a difficult one because you have always looked for someone to take care of you or for you to effortfully take care of yourself.
Now it is for you to choose freedom and happy and for the Divine that you are to do much more of the “heavy lifting”, the working out, the timing, and creation of benevolent outcomes.
Surrender to Source and discover who you really are and what you are capable of.

And how do you surrender to Source?
To surrender is to “give up”. To consciously ‘give’ what is in that moment (what you think you are) ‘up’ to an infinite Knowing, the Divinity of You, that is all around and within you, but which is Unknown in that moment. Giving up all mind interpretation of yourself or your story in any given moment by stopping, looking (watching), feeling, and listening to what is coming from your Heart Knowing.

I So Love You

Nicky Hamid