Its time to go Home

Love is like water ~ Nicky Hamid


When it first pours from the sky and trickles down in the mountains it has to flow over and around huge rocks. But notice what the water is doing.
Further down the gorges and ravines it has carved, the rocks are broken and eventually become boulders. On further down into the foothills and the boulders become large stones and then out on the plains they become pebbles. Until finally by the seashore they are sand sometimes as fine as “silk”.
The continual Flowing of crystalline liquid Light did this.
How much more Powerful is Love. So never doubt my friends that Love will melt the “hardest: Heart, the most “selfish”, “cruel”, and closed Heart.
Stay the course and bring Love to bare on everything including all the unkind lies you have told yourself over the ages, sweet Soul.
Add to your Love the perpetual Flow of the Divine Mother’s Love that is moving through everything and is coming in ever greater waves as you feel the energy of these times.
Hold the space for experiencing your Lovingness and all will be reveal as the finest, brilliant, “silken” threads of Light weave.
Shine On

I So Love You

Nicky Hamid
PS And could there be a reason your body is mostly water oh Aquarian Star Being.

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