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Full Moon in Leo, February 9th 2020 – Heart Healing ~ Natalia Alba


Beloved Light Emissaries,

There are times when the light that is being descended to us, and the sum of our human experiences in many parallel realities in which we exist, end by draining ourselves. This is part of the reason why our Unified Self, makes certain challenges for us to make of them the perfect opportunities to connect again with our strength as well as to recover and adjust to our new energy and how to manage it.

As we are always assisted and watched over, at this wonderful, and for some challenging time too, we have a powerful, passionate but at the same time loving and caring Full Moon at 20 degrees of Leo. This Leo essence comes to help us bring the heart healing energies required for us not to close it again but to open ourselves to feel vulnerable – keeping it wide open, even though what enters may not be loving.

It is once we accept our vulnerability and work with how we manage what comes from outside us, wisely, that we transform these lower energies into healing ones, which is one of the main aims that we, as starseed and earthseed souls came here to master and offer – heart and earth healing for All.

This Moon and precious time is one meant to help us grow, in love, passion for our human unique journey and in mastering our abilities as healers. Opening our hearts and let everything we are meant to heal enters, is not a sign of weakness, but a sign that we no longer judge, feel all as One, and let it all in, so it dissolves lower frequencies as we embrace them.

I wish you a healing, loving and passionate Moon in Leo, Beloved Companions. May you live always with an open heart that heals all it touches. May you always remain in the Illumined Essence of your Soul.

In love, light and service ∞

Natalia Alba

Art by Cosmic Collage…/full-moon-in-leo-february-9t…

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