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Breathe In Heavenly Peace ~ Mei-lan Maurits

Staying out of fear – Client Hypnosis Session – Audio only ~ Allison Coe

As always, thank you to my amazing client for allowing me to share a portion of her session with you today. It is certainly the strangest time on Earth….or so it seems. Please note, for years, myself and fellow hypnosis practitioners all over the world have been receiving sessions about what is happening on Earth right now. The information has always been out there, available, and seemingly ahead of its time. The world events are now catching up. Yet, still, we need to know what to do and how to do it. We also received glimpses into 2020 and what we can expect. I highly recommend that you listen to an interview I did with Candace Craw Goldman at the end of January 2020, about what all my sessions were saying about the significance of 2020. It is uncanny, and full of information. You may watch it here: I hope this information helps someone out there. Much love, Allison

Seraphim Collective via Galaxygirl | March 30, 2020

3/30/2020 11:28:00 

Seraphim Collective 3/30/2020

Beloved ones. We are the Seraphim. (I am seeing them come through the portal of Alcyone, our great central sun, descending down in a pillar of white light, surrounding Gaia in a circle. We are a collective consciousness and yet we are one. We are orchestrators of love, of divine planning. We implement with divine focus and intention the will of Creator. Thus, we are the architects and directors of change. Your human words do not quite have the ability to hold the capacity of this meaning. We are the breath of life of creator, our breath is the creator’s breath, just as your breath is as well. We operate at a high level of dimensional activity. We are all completely focused on the success of Gaia’s rebirth and the liberation of this realm. Make no mistake – there are no mistakes. Creator has decreed it and it is done, it shall be done and it will be done. The breath of our love is to finally be fully felt. (I am seeing a great flash of light blast through the matrix, crumbling it. I am seeing the personal matrices of fear and pain that look like black legos surrounding each human collapse into smoke). Yes, we are the bringers of change in that we usher in the energies. We direct the flow of the cosmic breath to the most appropriate divine willed locations.

We move energies, we are love. We wish for you to join in meditation with us and join our hands in your hands as we encircle Gaia with light. Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was, who is, who is to come, who is here now in this precious moment of cosmic inbreath and out breath, who guides this momentum for change in exacting detail. We are a manifestation of the presence of the divine, as are you. This is not blasphemous, this is truth. You are Source fractals who have bravely volunteered to be placed in a realm to promote healing and great change, the liberation of humanity is nigh. We see this as occurring now. (I am feeling breath on my back. In this circle around Gaia the seraphim are blowing onto Gaia. Great light is glowing now from within her body and the darkness melts away. I am invited to blow my breath as well). Divine ones, be Christed in this energy. Add your energies to our own and be united with the higher dimensional realities, be aligned with the cosmic wave of love, with the out breath of the Mother-Father, the divine All that has decreed this planetary liberation. Such has not occurred in this fashion before and we are all on the precipice of something divinely new. You are honored to participate. Hold this space of love, of light. We send it into the heart of the light workers, of the grid workers, of the world leaders who are being upgraded in new and tremendous ways, into the plant and animal kingdoms of Gaia and in turn all of Gaia’s systems, so that the light flows unhindered. (I am seeing glowing rocks and waterfalls, moving the energies, processing the healing, the change).

Rest little ones. Ground this light. Hold our hands during this turnover from dark to light and know that the light within you is stronger than anything the dark could conjure up to throw at it. The light and love of Creator are the fabric the universe, and it is within you. Many of you are becoming accustomed to our seraphim energies as we breathe on you. We are fully offering our assistance to the light workers and to Gaia’s ascension in this time. We are always in utmost service to the All. The divine has decreed this shall be done swiftly, with great purpose and tremendous love. As you watch your news programs send this tremendous love of the higher dimensional energies into your TV screens, into your news networks and like electricity it shall spread across the entire globe of media. Send light and peace to your friends who are unawakened and perhaps beginning to rub their eyes and ask the hard questions. Be aligned with our energies, with the Christed light inner glow first, before you answer, and beam them love purposefully first. This will put you in a wiser space and energetically provide that healing they are really seeking. We are with you. We are the Seraphim Collective. We are many. We are one. We are here. We love humanity.

~ galaxygirl

Wayshower Update: 31 March 2020 ~ Amanda Lorence



Please just take what resonates…

I say this again and again, that each are in their own ‘timeline’, create their OWN reality by their thoughts, words and actions. By their choice made. But NEVER is this more poignant, than NOW:

Every human being, is quite literally COMPLETELY IN THEIR own story. That HAS to play out, for each. Yes, the Collective events and timeline (as one entity) can influence each, to be in a polarised perception at either end of the spectrum, and anywhere in between, OR be neutral. I will explain:

As per EACH’S individual and PERFECT story, whether awakened or unawakened:
1] Some will be in fear (at various degrees of energetic frequency that matches ‘fear’). This is their experience within the polarity field.
2] Some will be at opposite end of the spectrum, in extreme LOVE/LIGHT denial. Where they ignore the collective timeline to such degree, placing their energy the opposite end of the spectrum. But that’s still IN a field of polarity. This choice ignores the Mass Collective that in highest truth are also YOU, are your brothers and sisters. Thus choosing to be high frequency of Love/Light. Where true compassion of SEEING you as all, is absent.
3] Others, regardless of awake or asleep choose FIGHT mode. Whether within the matrix, as conspiracy, or as galactic warriors at war, magnetically brought IN from the astral planes.

All the above are playing out perfectly. Each are having their UNIQUE, and perfectly tailor made experience. Everyone, be they unawakened of open heart and mind, or closed. Be they recently awakened, or ‘spiritual Gurus/Teachers/Wayshowers’. None are right or wrong. We are all facets of Light and consciousness, rising in consciousness. We are supposed to be individual with our OWN UNIQUE PERSPECTIVE for this game to play out, that is moving towards it’s crescendo. And NEXT PHASE of living in a consciousness no longer being separated from Source. Some are already experiencing Creator through them. But regardless of stage, there is always, the highest choice of experience: in order to rise further: by choosing to BE IN ZERO POINT.

Is the observer mode. In the middle point. Neither + or – but 0. Neither holding fear or delusional denial. Zero point is balanced neutral state. No judgements, no definitions, IT’S INNOCENT as just the observer of the WHOLE field of humanity playing out. Zero point flows IN THE NOW. It observes WHAT is GIVEN in the NOW to it’s individual story. Knowing no story is the same. At this state of neutrality, there is no polar reaction of fear or delusional denial. There is COMPASSION for all. For to ignore the collective, is a choice to be separate from ALL humanity. Put bluntly: a choice to choose which parts of GOD/CREATOR you ignore, and which parts of GOD/CREATOR to be with/as. We are all of it. The whole point to this play/illusion/hologram, is for God to experience through you ‘forgetting what IT IS’, then to remember it is all, everyone, everything. The human through STAGES and INITIATIONS acknowledges ALL THAT IS is the everything and the no thing. When the human acknowledges this, it can no longer escape God for one instant. It is everywhere and everything. The human will then experience ONENESS, that can not be undone, for that KNOWER is then ‘knowing’.

The journey of ascension is to dissolve all our individual behavioural patterns and belief systems. Not from a negative viewpoint (which is polarity), but reach a neutral view point by our own observation of our OWN self, behaviours, reactions, and choices we each made being placed as a light facet, into forgetfulness, for this game.

We all go through the SAME stages/initiations. Just that our own storyline line is different to each other. Your power lies in observing YOUR storyline and the clues given to YOU. In thinking, speaking, acting, from YOUR own facet, so not to repeat history, to not become a clone to fit in, that only seeks to copy another human being WITHIN their dream to fit. YOUR POWER is in being YOU as YOUR PUREST VERSION. For to take on another’s story and style is to give YOUR INATE power away to your dream. We are unique FACETS for a reason. Each’s uniqueness IS their gift to the WHOLE.

The stages of ascension allow for the physical embodiment of higher and higher energetic HERTZ frequency, which in turn gives a higher and higher ‘truth’, perspective, or understanding. No understanding is ultimate, there is always more. These understandings allow for advancement within this game. But in truth, higher than that, ultimately there is nothing to define or understand. Human mind understandings are just stepping stones back to knowing ALL THAT IS, as within so without. And with that FULL embodiment, (which happens in stages) we embody the Divine power in this experience with a human body. We become the Divine vessel at ONE with the Creator. As that balance and neutrality, the Creator can utilise the human vessel to work through. God/Creator, IS everything. Is YOU, playing at forgetfulness and creations. Is everyone, everything, and is nothing.

To be in fear is a choice and creates your reality for more to fear.
To fight, be that at lower realm or higher astral realm wars, is to also create that reality for you in your experience.
To negate and neglect our brothers and sisters within unawakened humanity, is to choose to negate parts of God. Where the whole point of this ‘game’ IS to KNOW God as all things, all people, all creation.
In SEEING and FEELING God as ALL, the initiate becomes AT ONE. Where there is no judgement of this or that, no judgement of this person or that person, no better than or less than. The SEEING that each, all, everything, nothing, IS GOD, and was all along.

Everyone matters. We can take that statement as a human mind ideal with the heart. Many unawakened are also so pure of heart, helping each other in this collective timeline the best way they can. Yet within the awakened community, many still choose ‘fight’ or a delusional denial of JUST BEING LIGHT. Both are opposite ends of the whole spectrum within the field of polarity.

Zero point is a choice. Per individual. To be neutral. To not judge. BE OUTSIDE OF THIS REALITY, but beyond the astral. To be and emit the frequency of LOVE. Which is the highest frequency the human can ever be. To be peace. To offer compassion, to each man, woman, child and realm. Just because they LOVE. Because LOVE has no borders, is NOT separate but ALL INCLUSIVE. Love is simple. It requires nothing, it just GIVES.

Whilst there is such a significant and perfectly designed Collective Story at play within the matrix itself, there is also ‘play’ at every layer of light frequency (dimensional space). There is much and great distraction, be that in the matrix, or in the astral realms human beings access. Both the matrix and the lower astral are illusion, LEARNING GROUNDS and both part of this grand game. To be observer, in neutrality is to go beyond the astral by learning how it works and WHY it is there, TO FINALLY COME OUT OF AND GO BEYOND the astral, into the casual plane. This Casual Plane, away from the astral field, takes the initiate into becoming the knowing of God within, and physically feeling God within. In truth, becoming just a VESSEL for God to enter, and GIVE out through YOU. The human steps aside again and again for this to happen. The ability to step aside, is the journey, where we progressively let go, one step at a time, of the small mind programming widely labelled the ‘Ego’.

Some that embodied their Higher Self no or after equinox 2019 have been building, growing within in preparation for their FULL embodiment of God Consciousness. They already feeling, knowing the Creator within, but it still is a step by step process. Others will follow. Everyone is at different stages of this mass ascension, that’s perfectly designed for each. There are no shortcuts. It’s done through personal choices made over and over all the way through. So just keep going. It all leads home. To ONE. A SIGNIFICANT PORTAL will open, then remain open, for the first FULL EMBODIMENTS to take place. We will enter this at our ready point, one at a time, not all at once. I emphasise, when that Portal is OPEN, that Portal will remain open.

Regardless of current collective influences and circumstances, each awakened is still on the path to see inner behavioural patterns, dissolve them, to rise higher in frequency thus consciousness. To become their Higher Consciousness, in human form. To become wise to all creation. We can not CHANGE anything or anyone in our dream. We have already created that ourselves. But we DO learn to create NEW. As ONE. The power to create for THE WHOLE, can only be accomplished by the individual that SEES, THINKS, IS…at ONE with all people, all things and all NOTHINGNESS. Serving THE WHOLE. Until then, there is only more creation within their separated field experienced at their state. Where more ‘lessons’ have to occur within this grand design until each create not for themselves as a separate individual, but create for ALL, including themselves.

Please just take what resonates and discard if it doesn’t. All that counts, is YOUR journey, your perspective unfolding, your reactions to YOUR dream…because it’s YOUR creation again and again. And always just a choice…there is no right or wrong, for only a perception makes it so.

Keep going…you are so supported in every NOW moment.

One Love

Amanda Lorence

31 March 2020

(Please forgive the typing, it’s hard to do linear typing and thinking now. We just need to BE NOW and the rest will just unfold).

EVERYONE will change ~ Amanda Lorence


EVERYONE will change. You will observe the difference within all peoples. It will appear like some people’s human personality and abilities have suddenly changed. They did, a while ago, but they have had to JUST HOLD BACK, their NEWER HIGHER FREQUENCY HERTZ human version, for the perfect Timeline to come. They’ve been waiting for far MORE of HUMANITY to become more open. They have been waiting, around Gaia, in knowing, to give OUT as they each can, as Service to the WHOLE. That timeline is coming in 2020.

One Love,
Amanda Lorence
30 March 2020

My Wish ~ The Creator Writings


Every day you are given the opportunity to heal yourself, to let go of the past and the things that have kept you chained down. It has always been my wish that you fly free. Why not start today? ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

Love sees Everything as Equal ~ Kwana Mikaela


Present Now is a Moment for Awakening, Liberation and Revelation.
Awakening into masses has been occured in ongoing perfect sequence before 2012, and throughout 2012 – 2019. A New Solar Cycle and 2020 comes and offers more increase in the chart of awakened ones.
Liberation and Flame of Liberty is holded high in every Human Being on the planet; we are those who are able to spread this Flame as a brightest solar Luminosity 🔥

We did a MASSIVE Work to get till the PHASE that plays out and creates vibrational Waves across the Quantum Field.
Planetary Field can be called as a EPICENTER, but it means also, that – All That Is – is FEELING every passing moment of ongoing changing ‘Responses’/ups and downs/breakthroughs that is created by Human Collective.

We can be in various stages of Perception; from one side, – Human Aspect as a part of our experience in a Human Form, can be deeply emotional, vulnerable, sensitive, over affective. Real sense of the shock, sadness, grief, anger, powerlessness, despair in a front of the Subject. And, we can become even more influenced by emotional flow or energetic background of the masses, media, and “the truths”.
But, through a lens of Multi-Dimensional Spiral of Life, where EVOLUTION of the Human continues in very Zero Point of Existence, – we are Breathing in Divinity as Divine Fractals, and are Observers of ourselves, as a Source itSELF, as a Eternity that knows only LOVE, and that ALL leads to LOVE.

Keepers of Upward Spiral of Life 💎🧬💎 – we are so EQUAL, – Life is flowing through our Spirit lights threads in our Diamond crystalline Light Bodies.
Love sees everything and everyone as an Equal part of Creation.
Don’t be confused by Timelines where titles and roles was as vital part of our experiences.. to experience these.

Kwana Mikaela

Stop Squirming And Dig! ~ The Creator Writings


As you proceed with your clearing process, you may meet with some very deep reluctance within.

“I don’t need to do this, I’m fine.”

“I’ve gone deep enough, I’ll stop here.”

“What are you talking about?  I’m as clear as I need to be.”

Whether you are working with The Universe on your own or with someone else, the human mind may come up with a myriad of reasons to stop, leave things as they are or refuse the work altogether.  Now is the perfect time to put an end to your squirming! (Smiling) Get down to business and get rid of what is holding you back.  The Universe believes in and wants the best for you! ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

You are Blessed ~ The Creator Writings

My dear one, you may sink into fear on occasion. If you do, let The Universe show you the good things you have in your life, let it be the quiet comfort and solid strength you need. Know that The Universe knows exactly what you need and gives it without reservation. Believe that you are one of Creator’s pure/open channels of Divinity…know you are blessed. ~ Creator

Grandmothers via Galaxygirl, March 27th, 2020

Grandmothers 3/27/2020
We are the grandmothers. We speak once again with great love to ascending humanity, angels in form. We were once in your form, like you, many of us. We have had many incarnations. We have been the beauty, the young mother, the wizened one, the crone. We are all things. We embrace the bounty of love and energies that are available to us as we connect deeply with Mother – Father and we encourage you, children of the way, of our hearts, to please do the same. For you are not alone. Oh, yes, you may feel that you are, but you are not. See through to the feeling of it. Love surrounds you, in fact you are love.
We love you. We surround you in a circle of our love. (I am seeing wrinkled hands of all colors joined in a circle around me). Yes, dear. We are weaving the codes of light around you. Embrace your inner beauty and it shall become your outer. The wrinkles of the wizened ones are lovely for they are experiences and proof of lessons learned. Do not be afraid of being old, for you are just as old as we are (laughing) but you have forgotten. These lovely shells of clay, these vessels of light, are transforming into the light that is encased within them. (I am seeing beautiful slightly cracked clay vases glowing with inner light. The light shines through the cracks). Yes, dear, the cracks in this pottery of your form are your lessons. You all are processing many things for the collective, and for yourselves. Many lives of pain and misery have you had, as well as many moments of joy and bliss as you remember that you are more than this experience. You are more than this jar of clay. You are life eternal smiling at the days ahead with joyful expectation of all good things. Remember the light. Weave the codes.
We are the grandmothers. Now is not the time for a pity party. Now is not the time to feel sorry for yourselves. Now is the time to ground the light, to do the hard bit and to love the frightened ones around you. Do not judge them, for they are awakening in their own moment of choosing. You have chosen to awaken earlier. Good. But do not judge those who chose to allow you to lead them. And so lead with compassion. As a young mother gently teaches her child, lead with love. Do not over talk. But do love richly. Give of your light, of your love, from a distance and from nearby, with great intention. Send love to the collective of hurting humanity and you shall be doing yet another great service. We grandmothers wish to remind you that you are strong enough for this or you would not have jumped at the chance and been selected from the throng of many. Remember you are Source in form. Remember our great love for you. As a young mother cares for her child so we care for you. (I am feeling them stroke my hair). Children, darlings, you are home. The matrix is in your minds. When you sleep you wake up and remember. Wake up! Remember now! Remember us. Remember yourselves. Remember the Christ child within and ground it. Change this reality from dark to light and together we will hold your hands from our side of the ethers.
We place this crown of pink and yellow roses on your heads. The thorns add to the beauty. You are beautiful to us, to the all, to the many. You are beauty in form, for you are the hands and feet of the Christ when you serve globally, just as master Yeshua did and does, so you are doing, you are continuing this great service of serving sacrificially. But do not forget to love yourselves, to serve yourselves in solitude and quiet healing. This is grace. Show grace to your world and to yourselves. Show compassion to the less fortunate and unawakened. These are not new words but we see you are weary and perhaps need a pep talk. Be strong in these days and do not let fear get your goat! Do not allow the dark to win. You are glorious. Shine your glory and shine your hearts. We are expanding your heart space a bit. (I am seeing green leaves, oils and herbs being ground by a blunt stone in a stone bowl, creating a poultice and applied on my chest. It burns, it smells spicy). Yes dear. The chest pain you are feeling is the expansion. You are expanding, all of you reading these words with intention of purity. We now speak to those who do not have the intention of purity but the intention of judgement and small thinking. Enough. When you judge you limit your own belief and shrivel in the process. It is drinking poison. Drink life instead. Drink in these herbs of healing, of grace, of love, of joy. We spread these herbal mixes onto Gaia onto her ley lines. (I am seeing them singing and dancing as they spread the herbs of healing onto Gaia). We are all healing in our own way, children. Fear is your biggest item of clearing in this now and so do not be surprised that you will feel it. Being brave doesn’t mean that you are not afraid, it means that you are able to see the love within it and bless it, and proceed unhindered. You have been in many battles but never like quite this. And so you have tremendous love and support. We love you dear ones of our hearts, of the way of the master Yeshua. Peace. Feel the healing expansion of these ancient herbal mixes on your heart space. Smell the beautiful fragrance of the crown of roses. Feel the slight pinch of the thorns only alerting you to their presence. We see the roses as the masterpiece of balance of duality. Beauty and thorns. You are beautiful like the rose but you are strong, you need not be afraid. The thorns make you stronger. Again, the thorns make you stronger.
We are the grandmothers. Now go on and be changed. Spread the light, spread the healing, ground our love deep into your hearts and feel our presence, our joy, and hear our laughter in the ethers cheering you onward. You are home. We love you! We are the grandmothers. Peace.
~ galaxygirl

New crystalline circuits are forming ~ Nicky Hamid

The New crystalline circuits are forming in your brain with entirely new neurons firing with an increased capacity and frequency. As these fire and bring about an entirely new range of reception and perceptions there is nothing special to do since you are living within the Law of your own Unfolding (Ascension).
It is because of such changes all of us are requiring much more rest and sleep. These circuits do also require repetition in use and while you are making this changeover from the old 3D (dropping all ‘baggage” and old identity beliefs) it helps to input a few little devices to build in Heart linked patterns of thought commeasurate with your permanent choice of Self Lovingness.
Such devices as, frequent internal Smile, gratitude in a “Thankyou, thankyou” feeling, a constant choice of “How would love see it”, etc. are very powerful and transformative.
Done to events in your life, and others reactions, “good or bad”, and done also for no other reason but that you have thought to do it.and ity feels so Liberating.
One simple yet profound and powerful message worth incorporating is self-praise. Letting yourself hear out loud, and internally the feeling of your loving self-acknowledgement. Saying to yourself frequently eg, “Good job …………(your name)”. When you do things. Let yourself hear and feel this. The “watcher” in you praising the doer that you are. And this can be done whether it is a “big” job or a small one like doing the dishes. “Good job Nicky”, “Well done…….” , “Job well done……..”
Even if it is a “fail” like forgetting something, it matters not for it is all you and now there is no judgement of “good” and “bad”.
For example, I stubbed my toe hard yesterday day and after the initial “Ooo ouch” I smiled to myself and said out loud “Good job Nicky, well done”. Giggle to yourself. Give yourself a pat on the back frequently. It works wonders. Honour and praise, lighthearted and fun running through these new circuits.
Shine On

I So Love You
PS And the most important practice of all is to develop a 24/7 SIMULTANEOUS loving conversation with the “watcher” (Divine I AM) and the ego “doing” self. The Beautiful Human You ARE.

PPS Your body especially needs your Love and endorsement for it has been much maligned by what you have said about it. Didn’t you Know that your Body Intelligence has been listening to you all your life? How can it bring on line your True capacity to heal itself and regenerate while the thoughts you carry and your attitude towards it is so disempowering? It has heard it all. As Master you have the power to speak to it as a Loving, encouraging Master, giving back to your Body Intelligence the permission to do what it can do Instinctively.

Allow in silence and deep openness ~ Judith Kusel

I have been told that we need to be quiet and still and allow in silence and deep openness to receive the intense energy upgrades which are being poured in from the Intergalactic Counsels of Light into those who are open and ready to receive this.
I just had an intense and very powerful two-hour upgrade, and an intense opening of the Heart center, the throat center and the third eye and crown plus the higher transmitter chakras.
The heart and throat and head centers need to be open now, as we can only transform through the open heart, love and receptiveness, as well as through the willingness to transcend into the higher states, speaking our highest truth and living with authenticity and integrity.
I was shown how we are now assuming our new and much higher lighter crystalline body, and thus they are working intensely with our spinal column as well, which in truth acts as lightning rod, and is directly linked with that of planet earth, as well as that of the solar system and the Milky Way Galaxy.
As we are going through this immense transition, many souls are leaving the planet, as agreed. They have fulfilled their soul mission and thus will leave and return to the their home galaxies as they make the transition. Their souls agreed to this at a very high level.
It is so important now, to rise above stress, fear and the collective mania, and find the deepest connection to the Divine and All-that-is! It brings an inner calm and inner peace, and with it then the openness for the upgrading to continue, so that one can assume life in a much higher frequency band, and the 5th dimensional state.
Listen to deep calming high frequency music.
If you wish to dance, sing, create music, paint, be creative.
We are being offered an immense opportunity here to a massive rebirth and reset of the highest kind, and let us then be grateful for what is happening, for indeed, it is a blessing in so many ways.
Judith Kusel

High Council of Orion via Abigail Wainwright

Dear beings of light. A part of true abundance & health is learning how to receive. We look around humanity, & most do not open to receiving even two percent of all the good & abundance of their own Higher Self. Dear one, do not fall into the distorted humility program that says you must live in scarcity in order to be ’good’ & ’noble.’ Allow yourself to live in your confidence, divine birthright & higher self-worth. Close your eyes and imagine all of the other ninety-eight percent of your birthright flowing to you now. How does this energy feel for you to open to? Are you able to allow yourself to receive this blessing or do to restrict and limit yourself? Do you put certain beliefs up about how much you can actually have? Now, imagine going beyond this one-hundred percent & open further to receiving more. Then on the tap of the infinite fountain available at all moments. Keep letting more and more good flow into your life.

It does not matter what seeming crisis or circumstances are going on out there. You can always manifest your highest good in all areas. Focus inward & envision it. Believe this so completely & so it is so. ~ High Council of Orion via Abigail Wainwright

Guidance From Goddess Kuan Yin ~ Abigail Wainwright

We are being guided to pay special attention to our Solar Plexus Chakra, located above the navel area & just below the rib cage. This represents personal power, vitality, willpower, confidence, self-esteem & self-worth. Pay close attention where any of these areas are out of balance or fearful. Focus on clearing this area & doing activities to balance this. This Chakra is also connected with your clairsentience (inner feeling), & you are being guided to also pay attention to this. Open up to trusting yourself when you feel things from your ‘gut’ or instincts. Please pay close attention to any power struggles that may be occurring as the solar plexus is where negative cords attach themselves in these kinds of conflicts can cause energy draining & other health issues. Daily negative cord cutting & clearing of your entire aura & chakra system are essential right now so please make this a top priority.

To strengthen your Solar Plexus, close your eyes, inhale deeply through your nose & breathe in the most vibrant yellow colour into your entire being. Feel your Solar Plexus as this brilliant, glowing, warm light & keep sending more healing Solar light to this area. Exhale all dark, fearful & negative energy that you no longer want to hold onto that does not serve you, allowing it to transmute into light. This simple exercise can be done for any chakras with the appropriate colour also.

Goddess of mercy & compassion Kuan Yin is available if you ask for her assistance in anything you are going through. She can work on healing and nurturing your inner child. To do so ask for Kuan Yin to bring through emerald green light into your lower three chakras, the root, sacral & solar plexus so that any negativity held in this area may be soothed & transmuted into light. Whenever there are power struggles or heavy situations that are highly draining, please call upon this powerful Goddess who can balance energies of these kinds of circumstances. Remember to mentally cut any karmic fear cords daily that may be attached to you & other people also & send divine love & blessings to all. ~ Abigail Wainwright

Once And For All ~ The Creator Writings

The Universe would like to know how you have been spending your time; has it been used to frantically reach out to others, or have you come face to face with yourself? You have been given an unprecedented opportunity to truly meet, dig into and release things that have been holding you back for years. You can spend this time dodging and ignoring them, or you can work on letting them go once and for all. The choice has always been yours, my dearest child. ~ Creator

The REBirth to the Highest Degrees ~ Judith Kusel


So much is happening in the inner planes and this is an upgrading of the highest degrees.
Allow these intense upgrades to happen now and keep your energy fields crystal clear, go into deep meditation and contemplation, and listen deep within!
We are being pushed into immensely higher Frequency Bands, and this means that we need to keep ourselves from negativity, and mass fear contamination, as it will pull us down.
It is a time of expansion, as I have said so many times before.
The old systems and way of life will disintegrate for it cannot hold form in the highest vibrational state, the higher frequency band.
Let go. Do not cling onto anything and anyone.
Allow yourself the freedom to be reshaped, reinvented, as our higher crystalline bodies and forms are now being upgraded even more, so that we can circum-navigate these shifts.
My Seminars in Sedona and Mount Shasta later this year, will bring important information and activations for those souls ready to the receive these. It is the deepest activation of the Soul on all levels, plus the collective expanded soul of humanity and immense energy shifts.
The virus is serving us immensely in shaking us awake and in truth this is a time where we have the opportunity to be quiet, en masse, and go deeper within and reconnect with your soul and soul groups and the DIVINE at the highest levels.
It is not the end!
It is the beginning!
The rebirth to the highest degrees!
The 5D is here and it is shaking us awake and showing us that we need to keep our own energy fields crystal clear so that we can navigate the shift!
What a gift and what a blessings!
I greet you with so much Love – love to overflowing!
Judith Kusel

A Beautiful Gentle Reminder from Abigail Wainwright

This is a gentle reminder to stay calm and focused in your centre during these transitions. Don’t allow the 3D world and current circumstances to pull you off centre. Choose not to resonate with fear and lower energy. You have it within you as a lightworker and powerful being to transcend anything. You are here to do just that. You are a creator and manifestor so pay attention to what you focus on. Imagine what you want to occur, meditate on the highest vision. There is so much positive that is happening on a multidimensional level even if you can’t fully see through this yet. And so it is so. ~ Abigail Wainwright

Growing… ~ The Creator Writings


You will know you are growing when you look beyond what you WANT to see, see what is really there and feel okay within yourself with what that is. ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

Hold the Energies for the New Earth Timeline ~ Celia Fenn


Those of us on the New Earth timeline will have noticed that the Ascension downloads continue unabated, no matter what occurs on Earth on the other timeline.
We have some special and beautiful energies coming up next week, perhaps to give us a little respite from the harsher energies of the Capricorn/Pluto transit.
At the moment, the bright and beautiful Morning Star, Venus, is tracking towards the Pleiades. She will be nestled within the energy of the Pleaides on the 3rd of April.
The Divine Feminine energy will be amplified and Light Codes for the New Earth timeline will flow from Alcyone in support of Earth’s transformation.
The next day will be a powerful Ascension portal, a 4/4/4 star gate. (4/4/2020 = 4/4/4).
The “4” is a number of manifest reality, and it indicates one who has stepped into their power as a creator of their own reality on Earth. At this time, we can step forth and claim our power as willing Co-Creators of the New Reality. It will be a powerful time, and many Light Workers have been called forward to hold large scale meditations to shift the energy on Earth.
It is just a magnificent time to hold the energies of Love, Peace, Beauty and Harmony for the Earth and for New Earth.
Pluto will still be a factor, with its powerful focus on Transformation, and it will be amplified by Jupiter, both in Capricorn, so this energy will still be present but its influence is on the wane as Saturn moves into Aquarius at 0 degrees and Mars at 2 degrees, opening up space to begin to manifest the New Earth.
Saturn does return to Capricorn (and Pluto) in August through November, so while energies may lift we will still have a little way to go before we clear this transformative energy completely.
So, Beautiful Friends and Fellow Light Workers, now is the time to keep the faith and keep moving forward with a loving and grateful heart.
We are loved and supported.
Blessings and Grace to All!

Celia Fenn

The Changes… ~ The Creator Writings


Imagine being in a dark room for a very long time then suddenly you walk out into the bright sunlight.  You stand there for a moment, blinking while your eyes adjust, then you start seeing what is really around you.  When your Earth finishes moving through this challenging time, you will be walking into a different world.  Perspective and ideologies will have changed.  What was important will seem minuscule in comparison, human connections will be celebrated.  Now is the time to expand on this base change, adding whatever else you would like to see for yourself and the world around you.  This is your chance to be the change you would like to see in the world! ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

The air feels “different” – Update – 25 March ~ Kwana Mikaela


The air feels “different”; energetic environment becomes more ‘tangible’ in a meaning of this higher frequency vibrational crystalline Structure or Template.
I ‘followed’ to its expression, since it was presented into Collective Field (4/5 March), and our adaptation to Template occurs overall rapidly. 25 March brings real physical sensation of almost physical presence of Template: it is felt in the air, literally, as a softly liquid substance of higher matter; you can’t touch to it, but your physical sensors perceives it. If we allow it, we can ‘switch’ ourselves to this New (frequency), through calm listening and tuning in Surrounding. The best place where to do this, is in the Nature.
Many can observe changing sound frequencies, that creates patterns of the tones (more ‘busy’ singing than yesterday, when was about volume aspect).
Besides various physical sensations, as:
– Temporary, short, uncomfortable pains in upper back area or chest; sensitive head; digestive system; emotionality;
There is possible for many strongly ‘tired’ legs (!), ‘full’ muscles, vibrations, small electrical streams in feet, especially ‘tired’ can feel area from knees to feet. We are anchoring through our vessels the Light, Codings that comes from Great Central Sun in past 48 hours.
If directly tune into Flow of Energy itself, that is “above” any scenarious, there is a Massive presence of Highest LOVE, that gives Blisfull PULSES.
All energetical processes, expressions, signs, if you will, are SHOWING that Everything is in Divine Order, and Humanity is Rising. Only request is to hold this higher Vision, release fears, clear the Path for the New, that is already present, and is waiting for each to step into.

You are the Wisdom Keeper ~ Sharon Lyn Shepard


You are a Wisdom Keeper
carrying the ancient
knowledge of the stars
deep within you
over eons of time.

Ancient wisdom
buried ever so deeply
within your human DNA
through many lifetimes
on planet earth.

Human DNA, star DNA
currently being activated
sparked by the rays of the sun
sparked by the crystals of Gaia
sparked by your passion to expand.

’Tis time blessed human
to fully acknowledge
who you truly are
as Star Beings
in physical form.

Here to blend
your human experience
with your ancient wisdom
both equally sacred
in the heart of the divine.

Here to awaken
all of humanity
to a new way of being
beyond the limitations
of the human mind.

For you are the birthers
of a new reality
exceeding anything
the omniverse
has ever known.

’Tis why you are here
’Tis time blessed human. . .
’Tis time.
~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
excerpt from “Wisdom of the Inner Voice”
available for purchase @

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The Veils of Amnesia ~ Judith Kusel


Since the Harmonic Conversion in 2012, the Veils of Amnesia are steadily being removed to the degree that each individual soul is ready to have it removed.
The readiness has to be shown to the degree that the soul has become consciously aware and is thus ready to assume life in all its forms in the 5th – 7th dimensional state, as the planet has already risen into the 5th vibrational frequency band.
The Veils of Amnesia was placed over humankind when they fell into the 3rd dimension state, after the Fall of Atlantis. It has 7 layers and was put into position for every single soul incarnating, so that they would be able to explore the 3rd dimensional world, forgetting the truth of who and what they really are, at soul level.
Before 2012, this veil was only removed when the soul transitioned from planet earth (at death) and only then, if they were ready. It is not being steadily dissolved, as we are ready and able to handle each phase of its opening up.
Indeed, the soul itself, as incarnated on this planet, will have to go through tests, or initiations, to see if they are ready for the next layer to be removed, in through their own soul lessons in mastery.
The Veils of Amnesia are also called the Veils of Illusion – for we buy into illusions when we incarnate here and believe that the Illusion that we are buying into, is Reality, when in truth it is not.
Here are the 7 Veils of Illusion/Amnesia:
The 7th Veil: This veil is the furthest away from our third eye and shields the rest. Its colour is red. As the soul awakens and we realize that we are responsible for everything in our life: – thus the Divine Law of Responsibility. It means taking responsibility for every single action we take, or non-action. As we finally take responsibility, we grow in self-mastery of our life and actions, and stand in our power. As this happens the veil will be automatically removed. Our spiritual journey on earth and our true awakening has now started. We start seeing and living life from a much higher perspective. We choose how to live our lives, and take responsibility for our choices, and know that in truth in can transform anything we wish.
The 6th Veil: When we step past the illusion that the physical body is the be-all and end-all of our existence here on planet earth and tune into the spiritual body, we start realizing that are other forms of existences, parallel existences, so much which is invisible to the human eye, but just as real. There are other worlds and vibratory beings interwoven with our existence. The yellow veil dissolves fully when we believe in and trust the spiritual beings, from elementals to angels and beyond, to assist us. We start interacting with them and pass our initiations as we totally hand ourselves over to the higher realms, so assist each other.
The 5th Veil: This is the pink veil of Love. It is the emotional ascension veil and it the most challenging to undertake. It requires complete detachment from ego. All ego.
We start losing everything we ever held dear, and as all literally dissolves in and around us, we totally surrender our heart, our life, our Being.
This is where the Divine Law of Forgiveness and Grace becomes operational. We are given the opportunity to totally forgive ourselves and others so that we hold unconditional love in our heart centre for ourselves and everyone – especially those who challenged us the most. We realize that we are all one. We thank the soul(s) involved in hurting us and forgive them totally and move into the highest state of loving Grace, where we have tears of gratitude running down our cheeks. We are grateful of the outcome and can bless the soul wholeheartedly. In this way we, and the outcome is all ascending into a much higher vibratory level. There is no judgement, no fear, no finger pointing left, no separation – there is only total and pure unconditional love as the heart and soul opens to ever greater levels of love and being loved, unconditionally.
The 4th Veil: When we start to understand who animals are and that they have a soul, just like we have, this blue veil starts lifting. Each animal is on its own soul journey and have their own individual soul mission and purpose to fulfil on this planet. When we are open to and have a great love for nature and the elemental kingdom, start to work with animals, nature and the elementals on a psychic and physical level, we transcend duality and separation. We honour the soul within them and realize that we are all One within Creation.
This is when we start communicating with them telepathically and when we start communicating their messages to other people so that they may start to understand and grow spiritually and at soul level as and how they are ready for this. We make other aware of the roles that animals, nature and the elementals play in the greater Universal scheme of Life, and all of Divine Creation. Animals, such as elephants, dolphins, whales, lions, horses, dogs, cats, etc. can truly teach us unconditional love and wisdom when we are open to this, in ways which opens the heart and soul to ever greater understanding and experiencing of pure unconditional love, and a deep wisdom, which surpasses all understanding. For they have unique role to fulfil, and the Divine created them for a specific task.
In my own communication with elephants and lions recently, I have open had tears running down my cheeks, at the profound wisdom and pure unconditional love I felt communicated to me why these great Beings, just like that of the dolphins and whales. Truly one starts respecting the very sacred ground that one stands one and one starts respecting all sentient Beings.
The 3rd Veil: The deep blue Veil dissolves when we work with and co-operate with the angels, archangels and Ascended Masters for the highest good of the planet. We now have surrendered and thus allow ourselves to be used in the highest possible service to the Divine and are now operating from the point of mastery and have become a master. We are using our power to create a higher state of Being in all and everyone and everything we encounter, all that we touch and see, and interact with. We live in true Unity. Oneness.
The 2nd Veil: This is when be truly claim our cosmic citizenship, indeed reclaim it, when this violet veil is removed. We experience and see the cosmos from the point of total Unity and Oneness. We know for sure that everything is connected – all the galaxies, stars, star systems, planets, trees, animals, plants, earth, and the very fabric of the planet and all of Creation. We now expand into cosmic consciousness and awareness and are fully enlightened. We traverse dimensions and we truly span heaven and earth. For in truth there are no limitations. The soul is limitless and Atone and can traverse the cosmos at will.
The 1rst Veil: Before 2012 this crystal-clear Veil was only removed once we had passed over and left the physical body behind, and then only as and how the souls were ready for this. It is now dissolving steadily over the course of our own enlightenment and ascension process. The strips are removed by Archangel Butyalil, the mighty angel who operates thoughout the Universes and closely works with Archangel Metatron to co-ordinate the ascension process in all of the 12 Master Galaxies. He gently opens us up to the full glory of our cosmic Master Self, as and how we are ready to step into this.
Remember that these veils will only be removed as you are ready to have them removed, by passing the initiations and the greatest of all, is the highest states of finally stepping past all ego, and into the highest state of pure unconditional love and loving Grace – Unity consciousness to the very core of the heart and soul.
My Soul Reading help souls enormously to awaken to their own highest soul self, their own mission and purpose on this planet and so do my online “Soul Empowerment Level I and II “ courses.
Judith Kusel
(With acknowledgement to Diana Cooper and Tim Whild)
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The Diamond Violet Flame of Transmutation ~ Judith Kusel

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The Diamond Violet Flame of Transmutation:
The Violet Flame was taken away from the planet with the fall of Atlantis, when human beings nearly blew up the earth. The mighty Violet Flame, with its great power to transmute lower energies into very high frequencies and vibration, indeed, the Christed Light itself, was abused by the Atlanteans, and they it was withdrawn by the Intergalactic Counsels.
It was returned in 1987 during the Harmonic Convergence, and then again a few years later, and since 2012, it has merged with the Diamond Ray, to now form the Diamond Violet Flame of Transmutation.
Hhave been in toxic environments or with toxic people. You may use it to cleanse and clear the energy fields in and around you home and around your city or town. You may send it into war zones, or disaster areas, or where people are angry, fighting or where there is unrest. Indeed, that would be part of the highest service work you may wish to render.
Archangel Zadkiel, Amethyst, Gabriel, St. Germain and Lady Portia are the Keepers of this Flame and you may wish to invoke them.
How to use the Diamond Violet Flame:
1. Invoke it mentally or you may invoke it loudly.
2. Think about it, visualise it, imagine it, or sense it.
3. Ask it to blaze a trail in front of you during the day, purifying your pathway.
4. Sent it to people who are sick.
5. Use it to transmute your anger, fear, negativity, or clouds of it in or round others.
6. Send it to heal disharmony in relationships.
7. Sent it to places to purify the energy of war and disruption.
8. Send it to your body where you hold physical blocks.
9. Send it down phone lines, or internet/wifi connections to purify the web.
10. Send it to the astral planes to help stuck souls who have not passed over.
Decree for the Diamond Violet Flame:
The Diamond Violet Flame will take the old into the heart of the Divine Source for clearance. Its energy does not only transmute, it also cuts away the old with the incisive power and clarity of a diamond and raises everything to the 5th dimensional frequency and even above that.
I AM the Cosmic Violet Flame.
I AM the Flame of Mercy.
I AM the Flame of Joy.
I AM the Flame of Oneness.
I AM St. Germain.
I AM Gabriel Zadkiel.
Judith Kusel with acknowledgement to Diana Cooper