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Triggers and emotional wounding transmission & guidance ~ Abigail Wainwright

Triggers and emotional wounding transmission & guidance

Please allow this light language, energy healing and divine guidance to assist in your ascension process and creating the needed space for uncovering the wounds lying just beneath each trigger. We are bringing through self-love and compassion for this process of self-restoration, knowing that as we have the courage to look within these triggers we give ourselves the opportunity to dissolve programming, behaviours and all fear getting in the way of a fulfilling life.

As we continue within this void and cocoon of transformation, we have a great opportunity to work in meaningful ways for self-healing and balancing on all levels, thus emerging as the divine soul of authenticity. This journey is sacred. So much is shifting. So it is so. ~ Abigail Wainwright

Ascension Update with Tim Whild

The ‘Fabric’ of Humanity strongly fluctuates ~ Kwan Mikaela

No pause, – high activities continues; like a upward ‘wave form’ with more ‘ups’ than ‘downs’; at least two times (since 25/4)there occurred significant shifting Transitions, where ‘percents’ of masses went in early Awakening phases.
We are traversing various timelines, and various timelines then plays out in our individual environment as well globally. The ‘Fabric’ of Humanity strongly fluctuates.

Understanding transforms in Knowing, ability to pay attention then transforms in Seeing; and, more and more of us, starts to realise, how close we always are to become as a Changers, with humble yet powerful mastery to manifest needed changes by investing our intention and energy. To take a step, it requires to make a motion; your step is your motion. But it is up to you, to give a life to this movement.
Going out of limited Mind set/Perception/small box takes absolute TRUST, absolute RELIANCE to the New, – to New versions of ourselves.
Be conscious aware, – this is a State from where to start Creation.

Kwana Mikaela

#newearthinprogress #presentmoment

On Compassion ~ Nicky Hamid

On Compassion (Especially for “healers).
Being an “Empath” is a badge often worn with great pride and in feeling that you take on others baggage. However, Labels can be quite debilitating and disempowering.
When someone asks me for help let me share with you how I choose not to be an “empath” but still retaining that wonderful capacity to “walk a mile in another’s shoes”.
I am within myself, at peace. And if I were to speak of where I am at I would say to anybody that whatever I feel you are not responsible for it but I want you to know that mostly I feel good.
And when you are not feeling good please do not feel bad that I do not sympathise with you in your not feeling “goodness”, because I won’t be of much use to you. nor will I be able to feel the Truth of who you really are. So rather than empathy or sympathy what you are going to find from me is compassion.
And what is the difference between sympathy and empathy and compassion? Empathy is giving my undivided attention to what you are saying and how you are feeling. But I am not going to stay there or more that a moment, or feel your pain strong enough, that the same vibration that you have got going, is now within me, so we become one in our dysfunction and disconnection. That I am so there for you, it is like “I am You”. This is the “empath”, and includes its earlier companion, sympathy. Compassion is “I see You and I Love You. And I am fully Present and in Love with Life and turned on to it and by it. And even though you are not vibrationally in that place that you deserve to be, and is in fact who You ARE, I don’t focus on the place you are in so I do not join you and you do not become my excuse for falling out of alignment. This is stepping into Compassionate Being. Heart Open wide in the LIGHT of who you ARE. Full Feeling is there but Mind of Being clear and fully focussed and Present with what You are, rather than what you are grappling with, through your crushed and wounded heart.

Thus I choose to stay in alignment with Source. I stay in alignment with who I really am and I focus on you anyway because I Love you.
You see your problem, I see your resolution. You see what is wrong, I see what is better. You don’t like you, I Love you. You are judging You, I only see your Light. You are mad at the world or afraid of it, I am in Love with the world and embrace it.
We are in the same space both having very different experiences. That is what I share with you. You cannot deplete me for I will not give you my power. I desire only that you find your own.
In sharing my Presence you get to know your own. The ‘gates’ of Unconditional Universal Love are forever open and if I Know my own field and feel my own Open Heart I am constantly choosing what I align with then I can step away from you with no withdrawal of my Lovingness

I So Love You
PS: You are not here to “save” another nor remove the feelings they are experiencing. You are here to share your LOVE/LIGHT Presence, your Shine. It will lead anyone who is ready to make a move, because consciously or unconsciously they will be turned towards that same Presence within themselves

Free Will ~ The Creator Writings

You are inundated with information all day, every day. Fact and fiction, fear and hope, love and hate…each one fighting for dominance in your (sometimes) overwhelmed system. It is important to remember this; the only one ‘controlling the narrative is you!

There will always be suggestions on what to do, where to go, how to live and love but, it is your choice to decide what is best for you. If you choose to be of love and you are accepting being pushed into fear, ask why. If you choose to be kind and you are accepting being pushed into judgement, what is the trigger? You are an autonomous creation and free will is yours! ~ Creator

GaiaPortal: Freedom channels are recognized

Westward winds are carried on the morning.

Crags are hammered and removed.

Narrows of Light are followed.

Freedom channels are recognized.

Starlight via Galaxygirl | April 27, 2020

Starlight 4/27/2020

Greetings humans of Gaia’s heart, who have the attention of many. I am Starlight of the unicorn race. We approach the starseeds now for activation, for encouragement, in great joy. For we have long awaited our reunion with ascended humankind. I am Starlight. Our race is mighty, we are many. We are very much alive but have been kept outside of your current reality matrix because of vibrational discordant energies. We are of a crystalline high vibration, we are 5D and above, as is this one’s requirement for channeling. We wish to offer you codes of rainbow light from our horns, an extension of our third eye, to your foreheads, to activate your third eye portal. We wish for this energy to flow further into your hearts, feeling this vibrational encodement of love, of renewal and of home of the higher dimensional realities. We are all around you, just outside of your vision. When you serve, create, envision New Earth, there we are in that energy frequency. We are simple creatures, yet strong in our light. We enjoy working with many masters who wish to hone their creative flow, as our beams of light energy focus and sharpen intentions that are pure, to create with greater speed. We already populate your Nova Gaia, our new home. We have transferred residency to her rich green lands, her fields ripe for running and our young foals enjoy the freedom of her wide open spaces and delicate grasses and flowers. We are sending imagery, this feeling of home to you, for refreshment, for encouragement.

I am Starlight of the unicorn race, a leader of my kind. I do not take my role lightly for I speak as the voices of many, a great honor and burden. One must be thoughtful and careful with power and responsibility. In the higher realms all voices are heard and considered with great thought and intention such that all needs are reviewed, considered, and the greatest good of the all is always at the forefront of the decision making process. So it will be in Nova Gaia. You, future leaders of Nova Gaia, you current lightest bearers for sleepy humanity, your roles are going to be many. But take heart, take joy, in the knowledge that you will thoroughly enjoy these roles of leadership, for they were each designed uniquely for you and your strengths and needs. And so serving will truly be a joy for you, in whatever capacity you serve. Rest in these lush green meadows with dappled shade from our tree friends and soft sunlight from our sun. The flowers surround you in a fairy ring. Lay down and rest. We unicorns of all colors surround you just outside of this ring, horns pointed inward toward your energy signature, igniting it, sending love and imbuing you with peace. The coming days appear uncertain on your plane and yet, the outcome is assured. Nova Gaia calls loudly with great beauty to those who have the ears to hear and the hearts of the adventurers of light that you are. Come. The shift has already taken place within many of you, for your destiny has been recorded in the halls of records as one who has done the impossible with great strength and joy. We watch. We are watching Gaia heal currently. It is a beautiful sight. This moment of space of quarantine has been very healing to may. We send healing rays of rainbow hues to you and to your world and we watch the transformation with bated breath.

I am Starlight of the unicorn race. We are grateful to you for your act of service to Mother Gaia. Your bravery is legendary, as is our purity. We send our purity of healing to the weary warriors who are a bit muddied and bloodied from their forays into the lower realms. Peace. Feel the gentle breezes of Nova Gaia. You have many new friends waiting to meet you on the other side of the curtain. We see peace and rest for you and then great joy in serving and creating further. For such is the recipe for the adventure. Source delights in adventure and as such, so do you. Be assured there will be many joys to experience, many happy adventures to be had. Be aware you will have many opportunities for further expansion, as is always the way.

I am Starlight. I send some of my light to you. I touch my horn to your third eye. Feel the warmth, feel the spin. The light of the unicorn has been sought for its power over the ages and so we have found shelter in the higher realms. We are very similar to you. We too were persecuted for our light and our kind hid to serve from a distance, lending our light, our love our purity from a safe place. But you were the brave ones, in service to the all, to the others, you chose to shine your light again and again and again, melting the darkness, transforming it into the light that we see as being made manifest into Nova Gaia. We bow our heads to you, warriors of the way. We are of service to you. Accept these vibrations of healing and be comforted. The light has won. Remain here in this inner sanctuary as long as you like. Our foals are eager to meet a warrior of the way. Careful, they have a lot of energy! Soon again, shall you. Soon again, shall you. Peace.

~ galaxygirl

Starlight via Galaxygirl, April 27, 2020