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ENERGY REPORT • 6 APRIL ~ Kwan Mikaela

All activities on 4/5 April, created ‘expanded paths’ for large Light mass to land.
Dimensional transitions from one bandwidth ‘to’ another literally Vibrates; in terms for a better insight, – we entered into more bigger spectrum of Fluctuations, than ever before it was possible;
‘Transition points’ transmit MORE Light. This is only description of big scale occurrences, to receive a sense, and only as small part.
Every involved Timeline and Dimensional frequency from “where” each Soul operates have an IMPACT to Whole or, – each of us as a Awareness (as a Source) brings Adjustments.
Result of it will appear.
Also, more than ever before, we can see/feel ourselves, where is our point of “position” in a meaning, – what comes as our Guidance, what brings our attention to follow to, where feels worth to invest energy and intention, how expands our individual perception.
Being in neutral observation can serve for stability and clarity; again, everything is up to us.
We are starting to ‘learn’, how to oversee ‘individual’ energy, thought, emotion, alignment.
Go your own Path-Timeline, but keep your Being on the Heart frequency, this always will lead you in most illuminated and Loving way.

Huge Huge 🌊 Energy ! Be easy to yourself and physical body. Don’t force yourself to ‘move’, if your system request total stilness. We are present in, and on the planet is present energetic tonality that ‘takes’ much higher Sound Tones than before 4/4. Our physicality can ask adaptation.
Use a water for support, and grounding.
Can be present: Vertigo; “full” legs and arms; legs muscles; loud frequencies in ears; overall sense of too much to the vessel; nause.

Kwana Mikaela

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