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Why does all this gender separation persist? ~ Nicky Hamid


Why does all this gender separation persist?
I still see so frequently on my wall, beautiful postings that point to the joy, and liberation, and free expression of life focussed on daughters, mothers, women, “Goddesses” which are easily applicable to men.
It is as if beauty, and grace, and body movement, and gentleness, and unbounded expression is only the province of female embodiment rather than “YIN” “feminine” Creative/Expression.
This is still separation in my book because of the intention behind it. And you wonder why men seem to be adrift in “the wings” of life.
I sense and see and feel and Know that in so many of my Brothers here on this page simply a total willingness to join in. But there is a hesitancy.
Maybe this is, in part, because of the history of male behaviour still imprinted in the memory and therefore a subtle fear that in unleashing the Truth of their power that old patterns of domination may appear and thus it is more prudent to wait for an invitation from women to step forward.
And it may also be part of their natural expression, to be less demonstrative, but in no way less free to express their joy, or even enjoy totally the mode of expression of their female counterparts without a necessity to be “out there”.
Regardless of what it is, I am simply pointing to the fact that I sense often an anxiety that separates, and is still prevalent, and of course reflects something in all of us that we have to ‘get over’ a shadowy human history.
This huge deep seed of SHAME in what WE have all participated in the name of “masculine Knowing”.
No exception. If you want a complete revolution in relationships then you have to “turn around” and look deeper, and you have not moved on until you do.
In equality of deep Honour to all my Brothers and Sisters.

I So Love You.

Nicky Hamid
PS If you met the men I see and meet in my encounters you would be Amazed………….
Shine, is Shine, is Shine.

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