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Dragon Oracle Guidance for the Full Flower Super Moon in Scorpio

For those who are Meant to see…

Redwolf Remark: The last times these beautiful Air and Water Dragons showed for the collective was on the 11-11-11 Portal and also the Full Wolf Moon Eclipse in January 🙂


Fourth Dimensional blue and green Air and Water Dragons pour light into our third eye to assist our psychic and spiritual development. They help to dissolve our veils of illusion and enable us to see from a higher perspective. At the same time they bring us inspiration and higher aspirations. They remind us to trust our intuition even when logic demands another course of action.

Add air to water and you create bubbles and sparkling waters. Air and Water Dragons bring lightness and something special to our life. When they soar and shimmer around us, a sense of happiness and hope lights up within us. They enable us to connect to our inner song and start to express it.

Call upon these Dragons to enter your third eye to awaken and activate your higher  fifth dimensional abilities. This will bring you crystal-clear clarity and new vision and awareness of life. Your Third Eye is a very sensitive psychic centre, and when it is fifth dimensional, the Air and Water Dragons clarify and protect it and enhance your ability to use it for the higher good. Then they enable you to connect to Neptune, the planet of higher spirituality, to open to new enlightened understanding.

This card calls on you to use your intuition as well as your spiritual knowledge and wisdom to see everything from an illuminated perspective. Air and Water Dragons will then surround you and enable your life to flow. They will attune you so that your voice expresses the true notes of your soul.

Dragon Oracle Cards by Diana Cooper

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