Its time to go Home

Embrace the Divinity within Ourselves ~ Judith Kusel

We all have had our reset buttons pushed in the last few weeks, and this will accelerate during the next few months.
The Timelines of past, future and present in truth as now one and the same.
Close the door on the past – it is no longer.
Tomorrow is still in the manifesting process.
Seize the moment of today, for you can now co-create in the deepest and highest sense, a much higher frequency life for yourself, where you start understanding that whatever vibrational frequency band you operate on, you can attract all you need on that vibrational frequency band.
When we start understanding just how powerful we in truth are, we will have quantum leaps of accelerated ascension, for in truth we are creating our future selves, right here and right now. The future self, is indeed already here with you, as the Timelines have united and not in the distant future. You are now living in the moment when all is already in that manifesting power.
This is why it is so important at this time, to ask that you higher Soul Self, that means the highest manifestation of your soul energy, takes over and your lower soul self totally move out of the way. The lower self is ego bound. The Higher Soul Self is Divinely ATONE, thus is directly linked to the Source.
In the higher dimensional state of the higher 5D and the 7th, the Ego is useless. It has become redundant. One is so AT-ONE with the Divine Will and thus lives within that Divinity, that the Higher Soul Self and the Divine knows no separation.
This is what we are now moving into.
It means that as we embrace the Divinity within ourselves, we can co-create within the Divine Laws and within the Omni-Versal Energy fields, where all is possible. It is endless, boundless, formless, yet has form and structure.
What a time for exploring beyond the norm. Beyond what we ever thought possible, and move into the seeming impossible where miracles abound!
What a gift!
Juidth Kusel

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