Its time to go Home

Faeries Oracle Guidance for June 2020


The Singer of Initiation: Passage through trial. Triumph. New Level

The Singer of Initiation comes to us this month to let us know that Major Change has been building for a very long time and that We are in the mist of breaking through. Many are ending one cycle, and beginning another or Leveling Up. All of the trials and tribulations we have gone through have prepared us and strengthened us for this New Journey we are about to embark on. Using the lessons we have learned along the way and applying them to our lives. We are moving into a period of great fulfillment and success. In discovering our own unique gifts, we will be able to start using them at a higher level and New level of responsibility.

The gate is open to us, but we must take the action of stepping through it.


The Faeries’ Oracle Deck by Brian Froun and Jessica Macbeth


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