Its time to go Home

Guidance for the Summer Solstice 2020 from Avalon and The Enchanted Map

For those who are Meant to See…


Beautiful Avalon along with The Enchanted Map are offering wonderful guidance for us on this Summer Solstice to have faith and trust ourselves and the Universe. Old cycles are ending and New Paths are becoming available to us at this time. Although we cannot know the outcome of the path we choose, we need to trust ourselves and our intuition through our Heart Space, Using our Inner Guidance along with discernment as choices are being offered to us.

New Creative energies become available to you as the potency of your faith in yourself and the power within increases. Deeper connections become more obvious as you walk this new path.

Remember, ALL IS POSSIBLE with the belief in yourself, the higher powers and the actions you put into it. YOU can do ANYTHING!


Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards and The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

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