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Solstice 2020 SOLAR CODING ~ Kwana Mikaela

Solstice 2020 SOLAR CODING

Solar Light Codes Activation ☀️ for the Collective further Christ Consciousness Embodiment, for vital Shifts in Collective Consciousness.
Coding represents multi-dimensional (Source) qualities with purpose to assist / to be perceived / to serve as an Activation.
There is no specific requirement, except to be open and trust your senses, observe your body’s and Being’s ‘responses’. “Note” Highest Heart Activation: expansion and warmth.
Each will ‘take’, what is needed the most for their individual journey, ascension, understanding.

Solar Coding is unique sequences of Universal Light Codes, for time angle of 2020.

With One Source Love 💛 Expanded Beautiful Solstice to All of us 🌎

Kwana Mikaela

Opportunity for Loving 💛 donation

Music by DreamMan – Silentium

#solarlightcodes #solstice #newearth #love

Redwolf Remark: Not sure if the video will work on here, so if you have FB, go to Kwana’s page 


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