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Wayshower Update: 20 June 2020 ~ Amanda Lorence



Friday 19th brought in certain and specific ENERGIES…the beginning Stage or start point of the State that can be loosely labelled “Christ Consciousness”, or “Cosmic Consciousness”. The linear name/label/definition is irrelevant. It is a potential of a higher consciousness state. A state of being. That will expand from this stage point onwards.

See the image below that was given in animated vision form back in 2014. The vision had animated stages:

1st stage: A golden grid that overlays the whole universe was shown.
2nd stage: The division of the world. Two world split.
3rd stage: The arrival IN, of cosmic energy symbolised by the equal, symmetrical golden cross that represents only in symbol form, “Christ Consciousness” incoming energies that would allow for that state to be attained (one by one) by human beings on Gaia.
4th stage: (not on this image but shown in the vision) significant Galactic connections increase one to one.
5th stage: First Contact. For Collective.

Friday 19th June brought in the energies of the THIRD STAGE. That will expand, develop, within us. It’s a STAGE that unfolds to us, from within us.

Everything is seen with new eyes. Felt with and from the unseen “Essence” everyone and everything has. Given from that “Essence”. We connect our SELF REALIiSED essence to exterior essence we know and see. The unseen becomes seen, within and without. Via feeling first. And via No thoughts. All the ‘unseen’ essence is was and IS the same ONE essence. Yet we are only just embarking on this NEW stage.

The energies that have arrived for this stage to be embodied, remain ‘switched on’. For each to meet, through their individual stages of embodiment. We have different storylines, different paths, unique perceptions, personality overlays. But our energetic embodiment stages are the same and met by each self. All roads led to ONE. There is no rush, competition or pressure to attain this state, except the false pressures we can place upon our own self. Just allow all to unfold, as there lies the true perfection and your peace within the grand changes unfolding for all.

The data and experiences of 20, 21, and 22 June will unfold as they present. We will see…

One Love
Amanda Lorence
20 June 2020

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