Its time to go Home

Solstice New Moon Solar Eclipse Energy Update ~ Abigail Wainwright


The activations throughout earth right now are having us let go of the road that was seemingly safe within the 3D matrix & trust the unknown as this new seeming risky road is one of healing, fulfilment & joy. In this intense energy, as all comes back into balance, we are reminded that we came to earth to be alive & live. We can release these heavy guards around the heart that we thought we needed to prevent us from getting hurt. We are being activated to open the heart & take a leap of faith by entering this gateway into the new. The Universe itself is reminding us that it is our conscious ally & guiding us always. This is a gateway for new possibilities, new ways to experience relationships, inspiration & achievement.

For twin flames & deep soul connections, we will see them evolve. There is tremendous healing of old patterns that may have blocked us from experiencing deep nourishment & joy being released. This is what can feel intense. We no longer need to look at the old map; the old paradigm as the way of the past is over. We move fully into this higher timeline now with new energy. This very moment you are transforming & becoming an upgraded version of self to have the kind of relationship you desire from the heart. Release fear & trust in this process to make it so.

This new adventure into the unknown will bring through a healthy, balanced life, connections, & abundance, including an updated relationship towards money. You are clearing all beliefs back to point zero. You no longer have to follow the fearful teachings of ‘playing it safe’ in order to survive the 3D world. You are ready to open your wings, soar & receive all of your birthright. Work with the conscious universe because it plans to give you a very firm foundation of abundance in which to build upon & serve from the heart.

The new energy is inviting you to trust your inner knowing & senses even though you may not be able to point logical reason why you know from within what you know. There is ancient wisdom being accessed now. ~ Abigail Wainwright

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