Its time to go Home

The Second Coming and the New Dawn is now ~ Yvania Bartholomeusz


The timeline of the Second Coming and the New Dawn is now

The patterns that bound us within the body/mind shatter without effort.
The frequency emitted is such that seemingly spontaneous ‘healing’ occurs within self and then others.
In the old language it’s as though ‘miracles’ are happening.
In the now language it is simply a Human Being who ‘knows thyself’.
They operate from their own Sourcefield.

They have found the centre of the labyrinth by beginning at the centre.
Instead of peeling away the outer layers of an onion they have gone straight to the centre and simply watched the layers unfold from the inside out.
When we draw from our own Source we take from no thing and no one. We simply draw forth that which is ours – nothing more and nothing less.

We take inspired action based on everything that is presented outside our Sourcefield and alchemised within our Sourcefield.

The new arrives within us as us. It is not a place or a destination, a new dimension or a new earth.
It is not an activation from any other being.
It is us taking our power back and self sourcing – transcending the layers of frequency within ‘dimensions’.

We are All encompassing Alchemists – Pure Love in formation.

And so it is that a new dawn came for those who have eyes that see…

In Love allways,
Yvania Bartholomeusz💛

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