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HEATING🔥 (June 29/30) IN INCREASED WAY ~ Kwana Mikaela



Physical body from within cellular level is heating up in non-stop ~20h; it’s ongoing further. Itself, heating ‘comes’ from within our cells, where occurrs Crystallisation process, and it has nothing to do with hot weather (of course, it can bring additional effect).
Heating can be felt directly ‘coming out’ of different part of body, example, common area, – midst of back, or closer to lower part of the back. Heating is with a little difference from changes of temperature, in this case, heating for each can have ‘spikes and pauses’, but overall it’s ongoing and constant.
It is not usual/normal sweating by moments of physical activities; in the moments of heating, there happens also sweating, and it creates a ‘layer’ on a skin, but in pause moments, body as if calms down rapidly. With heating there happens also release of toxic substances and toxins; is VERY VITAL  to use and drink a water, to literally give some support for Human physical System. Thirst will be present.
Heating can be not comfortable at all, and shower or bath or going in waters can reach many times; and, it will be good to refresh body, to connect with water vibration.
During heating our Emotional body can be expressed in high emotionality. Even if it’s uncomfortable in physical level by often showers and change of clothes, but we are aware that it’s about crystallisation, and most of Humanity can experience it is different levels, we can take care to make it more easier by, – balancing our System with deeper breathes; drinking water, taking healthy liquids, fruits; by allowing to ourselves to do nothing but staying in calm positions; directing our attention to, what brings positivity; to accepting and knowing that it is, what is needed for our further transformation, and with a sense of celebration, because during each phase of Crystallisation, we are ‘having’ more of our Light Bodies.
Discomfort comes from occurrence in physical body, – our nervous system is sensitive to it, our digestive system, our blood pressure, our form.
This is most Divine, most Magical, most Everything.. occurrence and process that is happening with us, our physicality; because physicality is ascending; because physicality is changing its vibrational range; because physicality is loosing its ‘solid form’ or in other words, – Density of the Light.
This is sacred process. We have to perceive it so, for it is so.
Crystallisation is not happening to us, it is happening for us.
Honour your physicality and drink a water 💛
Note: am feeling in ‘epicenter of heating’ since more than 20 hours 🙏💎🔥

With Love 💛
Kwana Mikaela

FB: Kwana Mikaela

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