Its time to go Home

New Ways of Being ~ Nicky Hamid

Sharing who you are openly, confidently, freely without reserve or the slightest need to prove yourself.

The only thing that stops you from freely sharing the Lovingness that you are is simply old patterns (judgemental thoughts) of self-protection.
And the basis of these judgemental thoughts are thoughts of you being less than you truly are. So it comes back to Loving and appreciating more about the Joy of simply Being You, on a daily basis.
Remembering that you are Soul Being of Eternal Spirit and physically you are only here for a brief moment so to make the most of it.

In these new energies of being, fear cannot exist. The Divine light of Love does not give it any power of existence. So there is absolutely no reason for hanging on any longer.
Your mental mind (all circuits of beliefs) can try to keep placing obstacles in your way of this Knowing but you are no longer convinced for long by any of this old nonsense.
Simply choosing to think of something that makes you Smile is enough to bring you to Heart and to the Present ( Your Presence).
Little mind of ego is drawn to keep you in distraction, in judgement of the Unknown simply because it want to keep you in false “saftey” with what you already think you know. It is all about you having the strength and will to choose differently in any given moment with any situation whatsoever. Your freedom is reflected in your own, unabashed Lovingness.
Dare to love anywhere any time.
And So It Is.
Shine On

I So Love You

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