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ENERGY REPORT • July 10 ~ Kwana Mikaela


We are INTENSIVELY shifting in all meanings ❗~ 11:00am (EEST)
Increased energetical rhythm; energies are HUGE.
Hight frequency sound with vibration in ears, – a loud confirmation of ongoing shifting energetical environment.
Overaly of Plasma Light vibrates in planetary Field, bringing New Earth’s crystalline Grid to sing along. Ley lines as a Light’s pathways illuminates and activates.
Physical bodies and systems are immersed in a Light; similar to Ley lines, our nervous pathways activates/there are created a new pathways.
Light Codes – Codings – Data and information in Quantum Field perceived with every sensitive receiver.
– Still “Ups and downs” in uplifted states or states of exhaustion.
– Still 👁️ eyes and head as primary sensitive area (!)
For some: digestive system and stomach; joints; teeth; cold symptoms; additional expression overall July 7 – 10 short moments of cold chills (in few minutes interval) or need to get something warmer (related to Cellular releases – process, when from a cellular level there are released 3D programming, memories, emotions, energies).
– A lot of number sequences, personal activation Codes (number sequences).
– Atlantis Timelines (look previous posts).

Personal note: am feeling that working in hyper mode (galactic soldier), some few hours of ‘sleep’, and, direct presence in global/planetary energetical occurrences to bring information in the moments, when it is needed; I trust that those who are working with whole Being, knows, how it is; dedication to the New Earth. 7 or 8 months ago, I wrote, how serious will be our responsibility and work in global level (Divine Service); at that moment it was strong clear Sense, but without Data, it was just important to be mentioned. And, it appeared to be true.. We must continue to invest our Energy for Highest Behalf of Humanity.

July is a HYPER MONTH; Everything is HYPER because we as a Collective are CHOOSING Trajectory.

June – September IS a “TIME” of highest importance for us All 🌎 I trust that many more are awake to the Knowing of it. And, what is so intense NOW, is because of it. What is physical discomfort, if in “time ahead” we can live in the world, where is honoured our Divine rights to be Sovereign.
We are loving support web of Light to each other with kindness, compassion, neutrality.
Take yourself in depths of your-SELF.
Shift and switch, transform and purify, uplift and transcend, – go back to Wholeness Within, to very center of who you always are.

We MUST bring Humanity on organic Primary Ascension Timeline.. together.
Those who do not choose 5D and higher dimensional existence environment, are leaving and will leave a planet. Those who stays have a Force of the LOVE to manifest a NEW EARTH.

With loving gratitude 💛
Kwana Mikaela

I AM open for opportunity of Loving donations
Thank You 🕊️

#energyreport #now #newearth #love #ascension

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