Its time to go Home



Love lies not in the music,
But in the spaces in-between each note,
In the nuances of those spaces,
Is all Love.

Love lies not in human words spoken,
But in the feeling between each word.
Many hold a dyer need to speak,
Not realising, that which they desire,
Is found in the unspoken.

Love lies not in speaking out loud,
But in the feeling inside.
For when we halt incessant neediness to be heard,
We start to hear, between the spaces.
The spaces that hold all Love.

Love does not force another to listen,
Love does not drain another with many words,
Love holds space, the space in-between,
The space of all time love.

We move now to new horizons,
Where senses become the joys of the known.
To feel the space in-between that is Love,
To touch without words,
To see the space another holds.

Where endless chatter and the need to be heard,
Are no longer felt as important.
As the delicate and the subtle planes of love are felt,
In the unspoken expression,
In the spaces in-between.

To love, is not to command attention.
To love, is not to be the needy.
To love, is not to push against the flow.
To love is to BE exactly that, Love.
A Presence.

In all the spaces within your heart.
Between every heart beat,
Between every in and out breath,
Between every sun rise and set.
Between every single rain drop
Lies Love waiting to be known once more.

Hold space, Be Love. And be Loved.
Love is simple.
It does not need to be heard,
It will wait an eternity to be felt.
And then… it is known once more.

Amanda Lorence
26 August 2018

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