Its time to go Home

Universal Fires ~ Andrea Cutlan


The Universal fires have been stoked
Sparks of destiny now invoked
An ember released, falls upon her heart
Igniting the torch that heralds the start

The depths of the darkness were explored
Healing the blindness until sight was restored
The time has now come to light the flame
Guiding the way into life’s next game

She raises her head and looks to the sun
An inner knowing that the old is now done
A soaring of energy runs through her veins
She sits in life’s saddle and takes the reins

A life of play with experiences to take
A soul tribe to meet and adventures to make
With peace in her heart and love to share
She begins her journey…. to who knows where

Andrea Cutlan

A Gift from Gaia

#peace #love #divinefeminine #poetry

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