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ENERGY REPORT ⚡August 2 ⚡~ Kwana Mikaela


Be as Observer. Stay focused. These two tools are for navigation through present Now and the next ‘days’. Discern content of, what you read/hear/take in your fields.
Observer means, that you observe levels, quality, turning points of own thoughts, Mental expressions, emotions, sensations, feelings, conditions; do not get confused by everything that can be presented, but ‘connect the dots’ and gain a Sense. Travel ‘through’ Timelines that ‘opens’ to you – you have access to; have approach with neutrality – balanced perception. Perceive everything as a information that unfolds, because you are reached Awareness, from where it becomes ‘possible’.
Focused means, that you are more present in your own Energy and Body, and rely on inner Knowing as a primary source of a Sense. Ground yourself (Embody Wholeness) by being away from social media, loud environments; tune into 2020′ Lions Gateways and feel, what message there is for you.

AUGUST 1 – 2

Presented Solar energy feels expanded or in expanded ongoing motion-way; planetary field is FULL.
Codings that continue to come from the Great Central Sun are encoded and sealed with Source Gold Ray (Creation); krystalline Codings. Source Mother Aspect Ruby Ray of Highest Love is opening Hearts and comforting Emotional body of Human Collective.
Due to moon phase – lunar energies, big part of this Solar Influx is directed to ‘absorb’ these and neutralise; I wrote about it in Reports during previous year, how on each full moon phase there comes a big mass-Influx of Solar energies.
There is no wrong or right by exploring and using one or both Energies, because both have a Purpose, but also, this is a part of the New Earth and Whole Shift, that we are shifting ourselves to ORGANIC SOLAR ENVIRONMENT. Our crystalline Light Bodies are upgraded with Solar Light Codes; krystallisation occurs based on Solar Light; new structures are formed by direct streams from the Great Central Sun.
Ruby Ray of Source (Unconditional Love) is additional Component, that “works” directly with our Highest Heart Activation and expanded perception of Love as a Energy. More activations are taking a place; take these gifts to transcend and transform.
8/8 Lions Gateways Vortex all the way is pouring “out” Data and Codes.

Energetic surrounding on the planet is abundance of various frequencies and Light Codes; access to it is by your intention and openess.

🔹Loud high frequency sounds/crystalline frequencies continue to upgrade our ear channels and upper chakras; data downloads;
🔹Digestive system&stomach;
🔹New Upgrades for the Light Body;
🔹Heart Activations;
🔹Some can experience desire to not to take any food or even water for hours or individual period of the time;
🔹”ups and downs” in Emotional body;
🔹Tiredness / calm / active state;
🔹Even more events, where attempts to get you back to 3D; watch over yourself; hold your space and vibration.

We can expect more increase of Light further.

Opportunity for a Loving Donation 🕊️

Kwana Mikaela

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