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Naegyrian Council Transmission ~ Natalia Alba

Naegyrian Council transmission

A few days ago, I began to interact, as I left my body, during my sleep time, with a series of beings who call themselves the Naegyrian Council. They are benevolent lovelight beings from the sixth dimension who shared that we both have, in a soul level, an agreement to co-create together, at this time, to help me/all into this transition by sharing how they live as well as the wisdom, that as highly evolved beings, possess now, and can share for us to also remember how to navigate through this new timeline.

This is new to me, as I never know what my soul orchestrates for me, until the moment comes, and I hope that their messages for this time help you in your path, if resonates.

Beloved Earthly Family!

We send many blessings to you on your planetary evolution. One that we, as many other within yours and other galaxies, are delighted to see. You may call us the Naegyrian Council, for many of us are talking telepathically to this channel.

We have come to this channel, as we have a soul agreement to share our messages for this precise time that you all are experiencing, with unconditional love and peace, for we are witnessing your evolution since the first humans were seeded and we are blissful to see all that you have grown.

We are a Planet that translated into your human language will sound as Naegyria. Our main form of communication is telepathic, so this channel will translate into her language in a similar way, although not exactly as we call it, for we do not have the same sounds, as our throat structure varies from yours.

We are what you will call sixth dimensional beings. We too have humanoid form although our eyes are much bigger and clearer than yours. We had an agreement to connect to this channel for this specific time, as she was not ready before, to share a message for the ones who resonate with it and are beginning to move into a new timeline. For we too have experienced this tremendous shift, many of your human years ago.

We oversee our main Planet, not to govern it, for we experience no wars or disharmony, but to assist it in all we can, throughout personal experience. We have shown this channel our main crystalline cities, while she left her body resting during night, so she can have a better understanding of how we live, and can better translate our way of living to you all, dearest humans.

We, the same as you too now, shifted into a completely new timeline, although we live longer than you and we experienced this change physically, too. When we moved into our new home, there were many significant changes, ones that are going to occur to many of you – if you are conscious enough to see.

In our Planet we separate from the undesired object or reality, instantly. This is what many of you will begin to experience, especially if you try to hold on to an old desired, situation, person or object.

Our Planet, as well as yours, is a living organism, that we love and respect above all. It has desires and protects us, and when one of us has a certain frequency that is not in resonance with a certain thing, both structures are separated, not as a way to fragment or to govern, but because in our Planet two different frequencies simply cannot coexist.

For example, in our Planet, when some visitors come to visit or to exchange wisdom, we do not have to protect us, our Planet already does so. If they bring, even for protection issues, any type of weapons, both are instantly separated, remaining far away from each other, as in our Planet, the frequency of war and all that resonates with this same frequency, cannot cohabit.

In your new reality dearest ones, this may not happen instantly, or in such an extreme way, for you live in a free will Planet who loves you so unconditionally that allows you to commit extreme acts, for you to experience a major growth. However, for the ones who have chosen only to experience a peaceful and loving reality, you will find out how nothing from the old can indeed be brought back into your timeline.

If you lower your frequency, then you might be able to continue co-creating with your old choices, situations, people … but if you continue holding harmony and unconditional love within – nothing that is not in this same frequency band – can again come back to you.

You may not be fully aware of the many changes that you are already experiencing, dearest ones. However, you are the predecessors of the new realities that are already being created in parallel dimensions. Some that like ours, do not allow any disequilibrium between frequencies.

You are then in charge of showing how to work with your emotion with the ones who come after you. For if you allow your emotions to control you, you may fall again into old patterns, experiencing a reality that is not yours to navigate, anymore.

It is always up to you to begin the process of mastering your own frequency, as we did once. This process is not an easy one. For you may not understand that your desire does not come to you when you ask for it. However, we tell you that if your desire cannot coexist with your soul’s highest Will and with your new timeline, then it means that this desire is not going to be for the service of everyone.

You shall then become One with your Highest Will, and be prepared to leave behind what your human being thinks it needs for what you truly need, as this is the only way to regain inner peace and happiness with your choices.

This is our main message for the present moment that many of you are experiencing, dearest ones. We may come as you integrate and master your new state of being, for there is always a period of adaptation in which you will need to learn how to maintain your chosen frequency.

We love you so very much our dearest human family! We have been witnessing you since you evolutionary process began, eons ago of your human time. And we are excited to continue watching your growth.

We send to All of you precious souls infinite love and joy, for the unique and wondrous transition into a new timeline that many of you are choosing to make.

May peace prevail on Earth and in all of you, dearest ones.

The Naegyrian Council

Natalia Alba

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