Its time to go Home

Dragon and Dragonfae Guidance for the Full Harvest Moon in Pisces 2020

For those who are Meant to See…

On this Powerful Full Harvest Moon, many are going through intense clearing. The Beautiful Dragons and Dragonfae come with Powerful assistance. In synchronicity to the full moon, Aine and the Powerful MoonDragonfae Guardian come to us to remind us that You are safe, You are protected and YOU are Divine, all else is a lie. It is time to step into Your power, reclaiming your personal freedom and fly. Do not yield any longer. Call upon the Earth Dragons to help clear blockages and stuck energies both within and also around your area. Aine is here to help those who have experienced sexual abuse of any kind. To release these energies and any energies of this nature that is buried and bring it to Light. Our Sexuality and Divine Sexual Energies are a true gift and have been repressed and bastardized for thousands of years. It is a truly powerful and creative force that is balancing at this time with the Divine Feminine and Masculine energies within us coming together in harmony. Embody your True Divine Self, Know and feel it to the core that you are gift and Spark of the Creator. And know that assistance is always there. The Dragons and Dragonfae send their Love and Light to all and are grateful to help us when called upon.

Dragon Oracle Cards by Diana Cooper

Oracle of the Dragonfae by Lucy Cavendish

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