Its time to go Home

Message from the Faeries’ and Dragonfae for the 9/9 Portal

The Blue Lady of the Dragonfae and Dorcha, Epona’s Wild Daughter of the Faeries come to us, on this 9/9 Portal, with a powerful message for those who resonate with it. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!

It is time to dive deep within, finding what is deeply buried and holding us back, and using our Infinite courage within, face it and Break Through. It is this Breakthrough that we are truly here for. To break the barriers of self doubt, the fear within, the amnesia of who we truly are, and step through into a whole new world. I know it has been a long, tiring and traumatic journey. So much pain, so many obstacles and issues to deal with. You wouldn’t be here if Source felt you couldn’t do it. You can and you will!

Ask yourself, Who do you wish to be? Where do you wish to Exist? Your perfect home? Your Perfect Partner? Spinning your wheels in this 3D world filled with fear, doubt and lack does not suit you any longer. The time is now to step into your power like the Queen or King that you are of your World. Stop entertaining the doubters, those with shitty words and advise just to keep you down. Take counsel with those who you truly trust and are of the highest light and love that hold your best interest sacred. But most importantly, Listen to your heart, deep within. Your intuition is powerful. Listen to the deepest most beautiful dreams that you carry, and make what all those, including yourself, may deem impossible into your reality.

Guidance of the highest light and love are waiting for you to ask. There are so many around you that are grateful to assist. You are Infinite and you are Loved. Its time to prove to yourself that you can and WILL Break Through and prove to yourself, Nothing is Impossible. Its time to make our dreams come true.

Much Love to you All,


The Faeries’ Oracle by Brian Fround and Jessica MacBeth

Oracle of the Dragonfae by Lucy Cavendish

Wizards Tarot by Barbara Moore

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