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Follow your Heart Knowing ~ Nicky Hamid

Follow your Heart Knowing, first , last and always.
First thought is right thought.
It will never put you wrong. And when you feel the fear rise from your gut (navel vortex) to just up and under your heart, breathe it up into your heart with hand on heart and say “Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. Now I know.”
And often the fear is not really fear, it can be excitement of what is unknown but to come. It is an impending Joy.
The Universe is entirely Benevolent and just wants to bring you everything that leads to more of who and what you ARE and you Remembering. It can only say “YES” to you.
You are so Loved.
Follow your own beautiful Heart Folks.

I So Love You

Nicky Hamid
It does not matter whether your choice or direction is about people, place, things, business, career, or what to do next, whether it seems critical to your life or whether apparently mundane and there seems no logical rhyme or reason to the thought. First thought guided after hand on heart and breath is right thought, Always.
You just have to follow and act on Heartmind to find the Truth for you in what your own personal entourage are whispering to you Precious Soul. Just ask, listen and Feel what is arising in you.

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