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ENERGY UPDATE • SEPTEMBER 14/15 ~ Kwana Mikaela


Visual description: towards the planet Earth is turned expanded Beam of Light, by holding a planet in/’under’ illumination.
DayLight, SunLight can seems unusually brighter for physical eyes, and it will be true; Light leveled up in brightness; we are facing vast streams from a Great Central Sun in direct access, and would say, that our physical Sun is beside as a ‘second’ source of Light itself. In scale of measurement, it can look following – (The Great Central Sun) 5 : 1 (our physical Sun), in a meaning of Light’s intensity.
With it, all processes, that are taking place with Earth, and Humanity are impacted.
This is not the first time, when a Light from a Great Central Sun is reaching our planet in its purest substance, by do not using physical Sun as a Transmission point. It streams beside. But, September 14/15 can be one of latest strongest ‘time frame’ for it to be present in such quantity.
When I look from a distance at a planet, I see this expanded beam in very bright tone, and physical Sun seems very ‘calm’.

– Energy in Planetary Field is spinning 1 point higher; mental / emotional ‘disturbances’.
*mental&emotional confusion; slower thinking; desire to not to think at all; crying; sudden mental or emotional turmoils and more individual expressions. September itself for many can include: confusion of the Life or, in other words, not knowing, where to go, what to do, how to move forward. Confusion is a Catalyst for Humanity to switch from the Mind to the Heart, and to return and relay on our inner innate Sense- Highest Knowing.

– Great impact on Crystallisation. Activation of our Solar Bodies.

Diamond Solar crystalline Light Body or simple Light Body – with this terminology can be understood, that we are speaking about Subtle Body and a System, not anymore about physical Body and a System.
Crystallisation is a process, where our physical body and density is changing from on carbon based structure to on Krystal based structure and different density. It is request for sustainable existence in 5D bandwidth and higher.
During Crystallisation physicality undergoes complex transitions or stages, and at the same time, there occurs also Light Bodies stages.
Human Mind as it is designed for Human experience will not “grasp” concept of Crystallisation, Light Body or Solar Body.
I am very clear guided not to add more about Solar Body; because, this sentence..
– Activation of our Solar Bodies –
.. is meant to serve itself as an Activation for those who will read. For them to FEEL their own Solar Bodies; to understand and Know, based on their own Senses; to pay attention through their Senses, what is happening Within, how they respond to present Light of Great Central Sun.
Pay attention to, what is your physical, mental or emotional Sense, when you read these words, – “Activation of our Solar Bodies”. Your Sense will tell you more about it.

Bodies can warm up from inside; sweating; numerous unfamiliar sensations and experiences; “all feels different”; revelations/sudden knowing; pulse to turn in a new direction.

Love for us ALL 💛
Kwana Mikaela

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