Its time to go Home

What is Ascension? ~ Nicky Hamid

What is Ascension? It is simply Reunification.
Why do I say this?
We are moving back through open doors, portals from whence we came. We are journeying, or rather expanding back to who we ARE, to our multidimensional Oneness.
And it is Reunification both in the sense of realizing all that we ARE, dropping all remnants of separation belief, and taking back unto ourselves the complete and utter knowing of our UNITY with All That Is.
For the Law of One is the Law of Love. And as you Love everything you ARE, you experience that your Lovingness CONNECTS you, shows to you, that you are ONE with everything in Creation. You cannot help but Love it all unconditionally. It is simply part and parcel of Knowing your own Lovingness, Knowing You.
All fear, doubt, mistrust of anything in the All That Is, fades into nothingness as you discover the Love that you ARE. It connects you and makes it all Lovable by its Essence, by its Beingness within you.
And so ascension is simple a step in your journey back to your ‘at Homeness’ in YOU and SOURCE.
And thus it follows, so obviously that Loving YOU brings all humanity together, for you begin to know fully your UNITY with each and every one of your HUman family.
They are within you, they are YOU.
And so it is that the “separated human” is returning to know and share their uniqueness as One in the HUman Consciousness. And the two (HUman and Soul Being) becomes in full consciousness the ONEness in the Knowing (Remembering) of it, of You, and thus the ‘Wholely’ Trinity in the flow and Beingness of the Great Plan of Creation.
And We will do this by Love, with Love, through Love.
You want to ascend? Then sweet Brothers and Sisters, Love every bit of Being YOU, what you have been, and what you ARE. Play in fullness without doubt or self-consciousness the fullest experience of U Being U.

I So Love You.

PS And you will do this without “going anywhere”. The amazing thing is that you are doing it IN PHYSICALITY (grounded being and Love in action). Your body has become the key to all the changes, ALL THE ‘INCOMING’.
You are in fact DESCENDING, Body becoming fully merged in Soul Being of the ‘Highest‘ order. That is why so much of creation wants to be here to be part of this first time amazing mass transformation. The Human Collective grounding their Beingness and raising up the physical frequencies in partnership with Gaia and Her own Ascension/Descension.
My beloved Gaia is a great conscious Being who has allowed me to individuate and to join Her to experience physicality and to experience and co-create with Her. Her mass and complete transformation and expansion of physical Presence into multidimensional Beingness. My Body Mother in whom I consciously and willingly anchor my “life chord” for safe keeping in Her Heart (core).

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