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Wayshower Update: 13 December 2020 ~ Amanda Lorence

Please take what resonates for you, and just discard if it doesn’t…
My ‘human’ is shocked at the INNER gifts of expansion that arrived yesterday on our 12:12. And share just a small part of this, the collective information, in case it helps.
Unfoldments within are NOW in ACCELERATED FLOW from 12:12 to 21:12. Yet we are also to include 22:12 in this data knowing.
If we take yesterday 12 December, as DAY 1, there are to be specific, different, INDIVIDUAL GIFTS of EXPANSION each and EVERY day remaining, until 21 AND 22 Dec. It’s like a countdown of 10 AND 11 days. Each day will contain an EXPANSION for each individual facet (human being). Based on their path, their story, their state of consciousness, their journey into greater consciousness embodied. This is the POTENTIAL for each to be PRESENT TO in each and every day of these 10-11 days. To REALISE these gifts, the key is to be in PRESENT state MODE, and in your HEART as THE LOVE. I speak clearly about POTENTIAL, because although each shall be GIVEN their OWN gifts for THEIR own individual awareness, which if seen will expand them, not all upon Mother Earth will be in the PRESENT STATE mode, or be in their hearts as THE LOVE during this time period. And so quite naturally, and so perfectly (within a multiple frequency experience here), some will not see (be present for) the gifts bestowed upon them, by THEIR over residing consciousness that is orchestrating this. There is NO searching or asking for these gifts, for that is just the (Lower) mind of enquiry. Higher dimensional experience of living, is more simple: to JUST be PRESENT in this NOW (not thinking of past or future which does not exist), and BE the LOVE within you. The gifts each day will be seen/known, based on being present, and being the LOVE within you. Therefore 10-11 days of potential INNER EXPANSION is upon every ‘one’.
From yesterday 12:12, different gifts, specific for YOU. 10 and 11(!) days of different gifts tailor made for YOU. These can be gifts such as new wisdom, grace of being, new understandings, energetic sights, data downloads to YOU, learning dreams, and many more such as the release of belief systems and behavioural patterns. Each type of gift being designed specifically for YOUR EXPANSION.
Key also, is to be with your OWN path, give yourself time and space to be present in present state consciousness and love, for these gifts. I can not emphasise enough, they are BEING given, by you, to you, if you show up for them, WITHIN you. For this is 10-11 days designed BY YOU, for YOU, for each to hear their call within, if they choose to. And if some don’t feel/see the gifts, by not being Present and of Love, there too lies the utter perfection of this GRAND design. Trust the greater design that IS always underlying each and every individual experience. And to allow others (if they are choosing their own inner focus) THEIR time and space to be with this building momentum that is expanding THEM from their chosen presence, to it.
In the higher dimensional reality (of 5D/6D/7D) everyone KNOWS, it is inbuilt, to honour each’s choice and calling in every moment. That calling and therefore choice, may be to play with others, may be to sleep, or have inner quiet time to Self Realsie. This knowing of HOW each contribute is an activated inner STATE of BEING, within each, within 5D/6D/7D STATE. It’s an energetic law designed as laws of LIGHTED design within 5D/6D/7D. So upon consciousness arrival, it is innate and EFFORTLESS to EASILY allow each, their own knowing, own choices, of what to do, when and where, in each and every NOW moment. Within 5D/6D/7D there is the absence of the need for explanations, or justifications of your choices. Where if each do as EACH are guided from WITHIN them, in each and every moment, EACH and EVERY ONE is serving as the HIGHEST frequency within the whole. Each are truly giving of their highest energetic frequency. EACH by their own knowing, are contributing to the whole, not only by honouring their own INNER knowing of what to do, what not to do, but they are honouring each’s calling, innately. This IS the EASE and GRACE of the higher consciousness that honours ONE. And also something people struggle with on their 3D and 4D journey, until they don’t. Until they embody (fully activate) the Light Law of this ENERGETIC frequency.
So, 10-11 days of gifts, 12 Dec-22 Dec, are upon us all. Each and every day it will be something different. That allow greater and greater expansion of each and every individual facet of the One. Enjoy the ride to Solstice. I so honour everyone and every thing.
There is an ALL PERVADING perfection and underlying BEAUTY within ALL things and ALL experiences. Seen through the INNER state of the GREATER LOVE that simply IS.
Amanda Lorence
13 December 2020

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