Its time to go Home



Singing New Earth’s frequencies streaming through Quantum field 🎶 ~ 🎶.. Uploads to right ear; changing crystalline frequencies 222 💎 as if sounding in the head, brain, in front part of the face..
Our intentions are gathering in beyond-time.
Intentions of clear/pure Vision for Humanity and Children.. for the planet.
We all are Children of Solaris ☀️

Sing the song along the way. Not in silence but in a voice. Sing the songs you know; sing the songs with words that touches Human Heart.. when you gather, sing the songs. Take the songs of your location you were born, or the songs that contains, what can be called as a ‘power songs’ because of the words. Don’t scream, don’t sing with anger, but sing in a way as a Soul would sing, sing your deepest emotion of.. Love.
Song that is made by thousands, where is told about love, about peace, about strength.. such a vibration is expanded, such a power-wave..
Agression and force loses its power towards unified collective of singing ones, if those are singing from a place of Love, kindness, stability.

.. evolution more shifting step is made, Dec 19

Love you 🌎
Kwana Mikaela

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