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The Great Mystery : CHRISTMAS I AMTHE CONJUNCTION (21/12/2020) THE “OPEN DOOR” TO NEW EARTH ~ Nicky Hamid

The Great Mystery : CHRISTMAS I AM

So when you say “I AM THAT I AM” feel your calling in of the Infinite CHRISTED LIGHT (of Golden/White/Pink).
This gentle, powerful Love, flowing into every ‘crevice and space and cell of what you know as Self in embodiment……….THOU ART THAT
Jesus was not frightened of saying “I AM” and it was entirely free of egoic state of consciousness. He was reminding us that WE are the “I AM”. He was urging us to bring All that we ARE into embodiment. The fullness of our LIGHT to do our work, to stand in our Light unabashed. And to Shine in our Lovingness in whatever ways seem natural to each one of us.
To be unafraid of Being Visible in all our glory.
He was so clear, forthright and unwavering that WE ARE Divine, ANGELIC in a body.

So I say to you dear Friends. Feel the Force of this, feel the Power of “I AM”, the Power of the HOLY SPIRIT, your CHRiSTED LIGHT, THE LIGHT OF GOD.
Feel your Guides and “The Company of Heaven” urging you, from WITHIN, to be your TRUTH and speak your TRUTH, to be ALL you came to BE. A HUMAN ANGEL with wings open and spread out wide.
No more hiding. No more fear of reprisal.
Yes, you will raise eyebrows, but for Hearts to raise , and wings to grow and spread, it is inevitable that you will create waves of Change.
Your lack of defensiveness and gentle strength will show others that it is perfectly possible NOW. It will be seen in your eyes, in your smile, in your touch, and the strength and kindness in your voice and in the warmth of the embrace of your wings.
Speak your Truth. Breathe in the I AM, your CHRISTED Beingness, into every cell of your body, into your embodiment. Feel the growth of your very real wings as you step out. And anchor your ANGELIC PRESENCE here in Gaia, through you being Present, as you walk this Earth.
“Joy to the World ……… for I AM here”.
And celebrate not just the birth of the baby Jesus, if that is your custom.
Celebrate the birth of YOU, the Second Coming, the Birth of you and HUmanity as Christed Beings in Angelic form.
The CHRIST MASS. The massing of our unique Hearts, freely coming together in the Joy of Sharing our Lives as we create, fashion, and weave Heaven in our New Earth.
The coming of the “saviour’ of your Life has always meant to be YOU (I AM).
You have chosen step through into this NEW AGE.

I So Love You

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