Its time to go Home

It’s Go Time ~ Kalia Diya

January 10, 2021


Dear HUmans,

All your intentions placed for a new earth reality, your sincere compassion for those in the dark, your loving light work and grid work (both for Gaia and the human heart grid), your faith, hope and love for the thing you call life on this planet, your service to the One, here and now ….

…Is about to be rewarded, each step of The Plan unveiled in perfect timing. The curtain on The Great Reveal is about to be lifted. Each act will commence according to plan with new characters coming on to the world stage representing freedom, and with old characters being removed in various ways, for their purpose has been served. The false self is being removed to be replaced by the true self in the Dream.

Now is not the time to be anything but an observer. Too much joy can kill you. Too much anger can kill you. Be the observer of world events. Save your passion for your quiet creations. Do not invest your sacred commodities into politics, ignorance or arguments.

Maintain your sovereignty throughout this phase of a carefully designed reality, which is intended for complete and total renewal and rebirth of the Era of Peace. This era has the Source blueprint codex to be even more grand than the days of Atlantis or Lemuria. A divine intelligence is in motion.


Watch. Be curious. Be entertained if you will. But know that a plan so intricate, so elegant, so incredibly powerful, orchestrated by the One Consciousness, has begun, although it was set in motion so long ago.

Your mission now is to find your own empowerment and your remembrance of your own genius, your Source-as-Self expression, while you watch the same energy coming into fruition for Gaia and her children, matched in her sister planets in mirrored universes and realities.

“There’s a New World coming and it’s just around the bend.

There’s a New World coming, and this one’s coming to an end.

There’s a new voice calling, you can hear it if you try, and it’s growing stronger with each day that passes by.

There’s a brand new morning rising clear and sweet and free.

There’s a new day dawning that belongs to you and me.

Yes a New World’s coming, the one we’ve had visions of.

Coming in peace, coming in joy, coming in love.”
(Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil).

One love,
Kalia Diya

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