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IGRAINE’S WOMB via Awakening Avalon


In the Avalon legends, Igraine is the mother of both King Arthur and Morgan le Fay. She is a Mother of the Royal Bloodline, and through her womb Gaia receives two Pendragon children, siblings who will go on to serve Avalon and build Camelot, embodying Truth and Magic as Dragon King and Lady of the Lake.

Igraine, who is a Priestess of Avalon and also a Queen, holds both mystic and mundane sovereign power. Her name is a version of the gaelic word for sun, translated in various ways as radiance, grace, love and prosperity/wealth. Igraine is a fractal of the great Fae Queen Aine, she who is the guardian of the Faerie Grail, the original cauldron of renewal that later versions of the Holy Grail was blue-printed on. Igraine’s Womb is a sanctified, rarified, generative, generous chamber of Truth and Thriving.

We are in Igraine’s Womb now as we complete the lunation within which we experienced the Solstice, Great Conjunction and Epiphany. During the Solstice Great Conjunction, you went through a Light Conception of your sacred story for your next cycle. (This coming year, the next 20 years of the Saturn/Jupiter cycle, the next 200 years and 2000 years of the coming Age.) We will All Together give birth to the Golden Dawn through our bodies and beings. In fact, the New Earth is being anchored and nourished right now through what and how we are giving our sacred attention to. We are choosing what we are faithful to in every moment. The timelines are currently in a heaving, churning mass of entangled possibility. Chaos is fertile ground, it allows the breakthrough of genius, of a new incarnation.

You are becoming someone different, someone clarified, someone infused with both the Light of Arthur and the Magic of Morgana. Your mytho-poetic power has been sealed in a profound way inside of your being. If you still feel internal, quiet and vulnerable to the chaos, call Avalon as Mother present with you. Call on the protection and blessing of Igraine, she who gave birth to and raised the woman who became Avalon’s greatest High Priestess and she who gave birth to the man who built Camelot. Your personality may not . feel up for the tasks ahead, but Igraine knows. Her womb matrixed and nourished the human vessels of the might and magic of Avalon-Camelot. Igraine dreamed these great forces of Truth and Magic into Life. And so can you. Call upon Igraine’s radiance, the love, grace and wealth of her Womb to hold you, infuse you and guide you.

We live in great times. Great times call out the greatness within us. Trust this, surrender to this and serve this.

As Within, So Without.

Dark Moon, Dark Womb Blessings. Truth Conquers All,
🖤Holly Rhiannon Seraphine Morgana🖤
Art by Tomasz Alen Kopera

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