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The Power of the Goddess ~ Patricia Monaghan

There is a power in this world that we often fail to see. The power of the goddess, we can call it, or the power of the feminine, or the power of womanhood. In daily life—in the halls of power, on the front pages of the newspapers, even in the family—this power is often invisible or subjugated. Yet it is always there, flowing through the world like a great river. Without it, not a single flower would ever set fruit, not a single child would ever be born. It is is inexhaustible. It is everywhere at once. It is incomprehensibly and inexpressibly great.

This is the force and the power that stirs in every woman. Even when life seems to go against her, every woman partakes of the spirit of the valley, the power of the quintessential feminine. Chinese philosophy honors that spirit as part of the tao, the great wisdom. We can do no better.

Beneath the buzz of this world is the deep hum of the greater world. Beneath the strain and difficulty of your self is the calm and strength of the greater self. Within you, there is a source eternal. Within you, there is the root of the transcendent. Even in times of great activity or great change, you can touch the gentleness of peace within yourself. Even when you are lonely, you can find solace within. There is within you, all that you need.~

~Patricia Monaghan, The Goddess Companion


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