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You are the Story Teller ~ Nicky Hamid

New Ways of Being

You are the Story Teller.
What New Story are you writing for yourself to live the next Chapter of your Dream?

Visions, dreams, imaginings at any time are visions for that time.
The question is how deeply, truly, constantly do you Believe or Know them?
The energies and the potentials for the future are written only in your beliefs (fear or joy based) or the Knowing of your Heart (wisdom and love based).
However, there are many potential futures, and like pages of a book, events can be turned to reveal an entirely new chapter. They are not carved in stone, only through the clarity, and constancy of your own Heartsong.
Things can change in the twinkling of an eye when we change our beliefs. We have that much power.
Materialisation of what we believe in may take some time to appear in density but the strength, clarity and constancy of your belief is the assurance that So Be It. When the alignment between you and your Dream is right Miracles happen.
So what future do you want? It can only be crafted and built in the Present. Align with it now, align with it as an open portal, more as a question than an answer. “What is the possibility of ……. Show me Universe. Thankyou, thankyou.” And believe it so with all your heart, and surrender and allow, and receive all the synchronities and experiences that will lead you to it. Feel it deep within your Heart and milk well the feelings of enjoyment of your Dream.
Look and listen for the signs, keep your vision. See the reality you are creating through the “appearances and disappearances” of the old. When your belief becomes a knowing that is strong enough and your heart is constant, the reality you are experiencing “within” becomes the “without”.
There is this Shift. And behold the Miracle.
You are a Creator Being Beloved Storyteller.

I So Love You

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