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Dragon Message for the New Moon in Aquarius

Just I time for Valentine’s Day, on this New Moon of New Beginnings, Two Beautiful Pink Dragons grace us with their presence and beautiful message of Love!

During this huge transformation we are going through, the 7th Dimensional Dusky Pink Dragons from Andromeda and the 7th Dimensional Rose Pink Dragons are here to guide us and assist in our transformation if called upon from the heart. They are here to advise you that you are ready for Higher Love and Connection to the Cosmic Heart. It is time to open your heart fully and embody this Higher Love. Ask the Pink Dragons for assistance and have them breathe their beautiful Pink fire and shine their powerful Pink Light upon you and within you. This will help align your Heart with the Cosmic Heart and create this powerful connection. Affirm: “I Accept and Radiate Higher Love with pure connection to the Cosmic Heart.”
All the work you have been doing transmuting the energies of lack, depression, heartbreak, and separation within yourself into Sympathy, Compassion and Kindness has prepared you for the moments to come. Be sure to continue to connect with nature and ground into Gaia. We are in the mist of great change and it is important to take great care in yourself.
With the Full Moon in Aries Card, there is a Fiery Climax to come in the transformation. Emotions will be extremely high and be from one extreme to another. Some will feel the excitement for what lies ahead, bliss and joy, while others will feel complete fear and dread. There are also many who are purging collective emotions and deep ancestral wounds. It is a time for open-mindedness and honesty as well as compassion and diplomacy. With the connection and embodiment of Higher Love, you will radiate this all directions and touch all that are around you with this beautiful Light. This will help greatly with those that are struggling at this time.

Things are rapidly coming to fruition although it may not seem it. But when this transformation becomes visible, and shit starts hitting the fan, you will know and understand why you Incarnated to be present at this time. Do not underestimate the importance of you being here to assist those that will need your guidance throughout this process. You are Powerful, You are Infinite and You are LOVE! The Dragons are grateful to be here at this time and are ready to assist you whenever you call on them from your Heart.

Much Love to you all!!!


Infinite Gratitude for Donations to


Dragon Oracle Cards by Diana Cooper

Moonology Oracle by Yasmin Boland

Wizards Tarot by Barbara Moore

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2 responses

  1. E A

    Such a beautiful message 🙏 Thank You
    May it reach far and wide to all who need to hear it 💕

    These Dragons will heal and change you with their Love, Wisdom & Strength……. They did mine 7 years ago and I am in Gratitude Always 💝💞💓☺️💗💕💖


    Liked by 1 person

    February 10, 2021 at 1:29 pm

    • You’re very welcome a d so wonderful to hear they helped you so much!!!!! 💕🙏🐉😊🐉🙏💕

      Liked by 1 person

      February 10, 2021 at 2:45 pm

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