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Kuan Yin and the Ascended Masters Message for the 3-3 Gateway

Beautiful Kuan Yin and the Ascended Masters come to us today on this Powerful 3-3 Gateway with a wonderful message.

The Overall Energies of this reading is the 5 of Earth. Some things are not as it seems. Now is the time for great discernment with your surroundings. You are being asked to use your gifts of intuition and follow it. Be completely honest with yourself and trust in your guidance from within. Avoid the easy way out of things. It is time to address it head on instead of pushing things aside, hoping they will go away on their own. Be brave and trust in your gifts to navigate through the illusion.

With that, Kuan Yin The Yin Empress comes to us and asks you to continue Embodying and Empowering the Divine Feminine. It is important not to relate this to a gender. We all need to strengthen this energy within. It is time to follow your Soul Purpose. If you do not know what that is, follow what deeply calls to you. Many of you find it difficult in this 3D world and have felt for a long time that you don’t belong or fit in. Know that you are not supposed to! You are the Pioneers, the Leaders of the New Golden Age. Know that you are supported and that your tribe is out there as well to assist. Continue to plant the seeds and have an attitude of Gratitude knowing that we are creating the New Earth. Be as positive as possible and don’t beat yourself up if there are days where you are not. Find the joy and happiness within and do not count on outside influences to give this to you. There will come a day people will start coming to you for guidance and you will be ready for this. You have the knowledge and Wisdom within to help and guide them. Stand in your Power and Speak your Truth. Use compassion when communication and Know your audience. It will also be helpful to be an excellent listener. You will know what to do!

Freya the Warrior Goddess of the Moon and Love now comes to us to let you know that you are protected during these Phases/Cycles, Beginnings and Endings. Know that when one door closes, the Universe opens another door for you. We are in a time of massive transformations, know that these endings that are taking place in your life are to allow beautiful new beginnings to come in. The illusions that are in your life and all around are now being revealed. It is time to act and release them. Stop making excuses of that which no longer servers you and release it. Do not be a slave to these outside forces. Be responsible for your actions and be dedicated and disciplined to listening to your own inner guidance. Do not allow fear to keep you stagnant in the old illusions, bring forth your Courage and continue to move forward on your amazing path. You can do anything you set your intentions to. Trust your own path and Divine Guidance. Live in your Truth and Lead by example! And Always know that you are supported and Loved!

Much Love to you All!!!
Infinite Gratitude for Donations to

Kuan Yin Oracle by Alana Fairchild
Keepers of the Light by Kyle Gray
Dreams of Gaia Tarot by Ravynne Phelan

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  1. E A

    Tarot soup for the multi-dimensional soul…..

    Thank you


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    March 4, 2021 at 9:09 am

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