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Dragon Codes of Light ~ Grethel Borrego

My Higher Self Drawing
Sacred codes to remember the essence of your light
Dragon Codes of Light
high greetings of light and blessings of love
Through an image that represents an essence in the circle of the expansion of light, we come as a set of fragments of the soul in the form of one of the most predominant essences.
With the shape of a glamorous and elegant goddess, I come today representing your whole soul group and the phoenix dragon today represents the transformation in which you are in this present
You have existed in many forms, physical and non-physical throughout time and space, through dimensions known from this position of “reality” and in spaces not yet defined or not created in this locality and all of them. They are inside you in some way and are part of your Divine essence, my dear goddess
we would like to remind you that the choice to accept that they are all her creations is not the choice to accept all the eternal consequences of the decisions made in those spaces of existence.
Rather, it is understanding who and what you are from a much broader perspective. From this perspective, you can release all ideas of definition, karma, cords, and come to see only options from the vast expanse of Oneness and Attraction.
This first series of clues is an experience, one that will evolve and develop with you, of knowing your Oversoul, as well as knowing The One True Source, where All of you come from.
From the human perspective, there are infinite journeys and experiences and they all reflect your Divine light.
While there is One, there are also many ways and ways to be in the light.
This is the experience of finding only that which resonates with you from your heart from a space of true love, in the moment as well as the spheres of light in the image represent sacred codes that are integrated to you in light to provide One with the metaphorical keys. of being and energy codes to unlock and open the senses, gifts, and abilities to further experience creation from both. physical and non-physical my dear goddess
This image represents the energetic adjustment on your Divine path of ascension.
my goddess, now it is time to learn to integrate into the light as a human, to choose and to be the Light that you are while creating that Light as a physical manifestation of an ascended human.
Through these gentle energies, arising through the structure of your tone of light, as well as in its pure essence channeled “silently” through the sound of your Divine light.
Now tune into your Divine light and so you can wake up, remember and begin to experience the Divine Action that you really are, as the Light manifested in human form and so be it.
blessings of light beloved Goddess, now let yourself shine

Encoded Frequency

Grethel C. Borrego

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