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Follow your Dreams ~ Nicky Hamid

Follow Your Dreams
Many make far too much of all of this creating and manifesting. This business of deliberate creation can be turned into a great fanfare production in the mind.
Why do you think continuous affirmations, visualisations, focussed meditations, careful planning, etc. etc no longer works for most people?
The true power of your experience lies in the silence between the words, and the vibrational harmony between the thoughts, and the ease of being between the effort, and the peace between the dreaming.
The true power to materialise is in the letting go not on the “holding on to”.
Mostly it is about entertaining deep within yourself the Knowing POSSIBILTY of what you desire.
It is in allowing the Universe to yield up to you what you have already “queued up” for.
So use thought as long as it’s fun, and you enjoy and gain an empowered, aligned feeling in the exploration.
Use thought as long as there is no separation seeds of belief in them.
And when there are, observe, acknowledge and let them leave with Love.
Dream and explore as long as it comes easily.
Your New Earth comes from and will emerge from your delight in your Imagination.
Speak and share as long as it feels good. But remember, unless you become Strong in your own Knowing, the thoughts of others disbelief will undermine your confidence.
Let the integration of Your Light (a continual conscious breath in of Light ) do its “thing”.
Let it deepen your sense of Flow and Presence of Being of Shine.
Don’t waste your dreams on “non believers. They will be more convinced by the demonstration of the unfolding of your joy.
Creating is easy, and effortless once you realise that it is created within you, and in the time in between (which is no time at all), the time of Infinite Possibility.
It is in Love and the effortless and unshakable Knowing and getting on with your Life Now.
Shine On
I So Love You

Nicky Hamid

PS: The pic.
Each pad is a step into an entirely different reality built with Dreams and Imagination of the Beautiful HUman you are.
As you step lightly and joyously you spiral, by degrees, right into the centre of Miraculous Infinite Being and Doing.

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