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Loving an Empath via Sacred Dreams

“If you love an empath, love them frankly, honestly, and with all your heart. Empaths don’t take love lightly, they don’t pretend. When they’ve truly chosen to open their hearts to you, wait-you then to be blown away. Their love is intense, powerful, messy and sometimes hard to manage, but it is real. Empaths don’t know how to love any other way.
An empath is someone who is very sensitive to people’s energy, moods, emotions, situations and their environment to the point where they can sense the emotions as if they were their own.
They also have a certain psychic capacity to “know” things without having proof of it. A bit mysterious and complex, their emotions run deep, but what lies beneath the surface is a world of its own.
When you look into the eyes of an empath who has opened their heart, you see vulnerability, honesty, pain, dreams, happiness, love.
With these thoughts, these ideas, these emotions, these desires continuously boosted, not everyone can be in a relationship with an empath.
They cannot change. Nothing turns an empath more apart than if you try to change their sensitivity and empathic abilities.
Empaths are different from the majority of people we know. They are sensitive, intuitive, easily overexcited. They cry and see beauty everywhere. They feel the pain of others. So don’t try to change them, it won’t work and they will shut down immediately.
They need the person they love to be honest. Dishonesty doesn’t work for an empath. Even though they are never meant to uncover the deception, they often feel it. It is a little torture for them to know that something is being done behind their back and not to have a direct answer. Be honest and sincere the first time.
In cages they will cause damage. They are like birds, they must be able to fly freely wherever their emotions guide them. Caging them is like chopping off their wings. They will lose the light that guides their way if you try to control them. If this happens, they will stop opening up and they will hide the love they have to give deep enough within themselves. The damage is not easily repaired, but it can be avoided by not trying to put it in a cage.
The empath you love has likely been heartbroken in their life and should be treated with sensitivity regarding the pace of things going between the two of you. Don’t rush it. It will come on its own when it is ready. You have to let them spend some time alone.
Empaths must recharge their batteries in a space of their own. It’s different for everyone, but they need time to be alone.
It can be tiring to always feel the energy of the people around us, please don’t be embarrassed or bored when they need to recharge.
It doesn’t mean that they don’t like you or that they don’t like your company. This means that they need to calm their minds and renew their energy. They will come back happier than before.
Often they cannot express what they are feeling. The emotions of an empath are incredibly complex.
So much so that they have a hard time expressing what they are feeling. Give them some space. Be understanding. Take what they say seriously.
Empaths are extremely creative people. There is always an idea popping up in their mind. Take them seriously. Believe in them, even if the idea may seem crazy to you.
Empaths, arguably more than anyone, have the ability to make a real difference in the world. Listen to them when they open their hearts to you. Because somewhere between their enthusiasm, their passion and the words they use jumbled together, something quite astonishing is about to be created. They are intense.
Empaths tend to be pretty intense people. They don’t say it, but they feel everything so deeply that it comes naturally to them. If they’re exceptionally intense, give them some space. If they need you, stay close.
Their intuition is generally good. Yep, contrary to popular belief, they actually know what they are talking about. They are empathetic and they feel everything.
So when they have a good feeling about something, trust them. When they have a bad feeling about something, trust them. When they tell you about a dream because it touched their heart, trust them. When they think someone is lying, trust them. Trusting an empath in your life is showing them that you believe what they say.
They are here to give Light and Love. Explore the world with them and do Good! “~~

via: Sacred Dreams

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