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144 Activation code ~ Romeo Baron

I was guided by the frequency of the 144 Activation code, center point of Union.
The synchronistic 144-number pattern is an Ascension coded imprint for activating the Zero Point Sacred Heart Intelligence and Sol Body integration to merge your multidimensional Higher future selves to support the mind-body-spirit system divine blueprint. The synchronistic 441-number pattern signals the completion of a cosmic identity-aspect integration cycle. You may see the synchronistic 1111-number pattern imprint activation that signals the initiation for the Higher Self embodiment in connection to the 144-number frequency. You may see the synchronistic 111-number pattern imprint activation that signals the inner union manifestation, in connection to the 144-number frequency. You will receive a series of these imprints to integrate, as you anchor the Cosmic Light Codes for your personal ascension integration as well. This is the Universal Divine Plan, to restore all of your Multi-D aspects back into Divine Wholeness of Pure Sentient Consciousness. The Unity Blueprint is now being revealed, as we are seeing the synchronistic signals everywhere.

There are billions of incarnated Diamond Sun walk-ins from Density 2(TaRA) and Density 3(AaRa) holding the powerful 144 Rainbow-Krystal-Solar Bearers of Light frequency code. We only needed 144,000 Diamond Sun walk-ins to be activated in their 6th chakra, celestial mind to anchor the Source Light and raise the vibrational rate within the planetary grid fields in order to override the “end time drama Armageddon timeline” by December 2012. The Mission of the 144,000 warriors of light-frequency activation was successfully accomplished.

The 144 Frequency of Universal Quantum Harmonics is a collective tri-wave consciousness unifying force field of the Open Source System. We are activating the Zero Point/Sacred Heart-Bliss Center of all Union. To function as Conscious conduits of Eternal Life Solar Cosmic Christ expressions in our Body of Radiant Light.

For the new energy Unity Field of Eternal Love Consciousness Reality. We Rise together in Divine Oneness, aligned with the Cosmic Rainbow Heart/Mind of Source-God.
144 Love to all who are being initiated into Pure Sentient Consciousness, with the most Benevolent Source Blessings and Divine Abundance to ALL.
~Romeo Baron

sacredromeo – Instagram
Rishi Guardian Sun
💙🌈☀️🦁👑🌹🌏 Defender of Cosmic Sovereign Law of Unified ONE, for the benevolent Heart of Creation upheld for ALL.

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  1. E A

    Just came out of a most intense meditation this morning
    WoW 💫💕✨


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    April 4, 2021 at 11:04 am

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