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Dragons and Dragonfae Message for the Full Pink Supermoon in Scorpio

For Those Who are Meant to See…

With this extremely powerful Supermoon in Scorpio, the overall energies it is calling on you more than ever to step into your Authentic True Self. Its time to drop the false public persona and show the true YOU. No longer be bound by the opinion of others, Start walking your OWN path. Once you start doing this, you will see what your true potential really is, unlimited! The ending is here for the old, false self to fade away and the New True self to emerge. You will feel a wholeness within you, and will see the world around you in a different new light.

The 9th Dimensional Dark Blue Galactic Dragons continue to be with us to help ignite the hidden codes within our Master Blueprint. Ask them to help you connect to the Masters and Galactic Counsels through your meditations or dream time. They will also help you tune into the Universal voice that is within you and guide you as you are a huge contributor to this Ascension process. Take great satisfaction from all you have and continue to contribute to the All. There is an exciting future ahead and you are a big part of that. Stand in your truth and continue to press forward. Be strong willed and do not let anything knock you off your path. Although it may be challenging at times, know you are Divinely Guided. Be patient and flow with the Universal song within you.

Melusine of the Dragonfae comes to us now and brings us a key. It is the key that will open the door to who you truly are. Behind this door is the self worth and self love that you have hidden and locked away. She re-enforces the overall energies and to come out, Be and Show your true self. She knows you have struggled to fit and face much rejection due to many programs of this earth, whether culturally, religiously or family traditions. Its time to let go of people and situations that love you through conditions and at their convenience and find your tribe that love you unconditionally. You will start attracting your Tribe more and more as you continue to love yourself for who you truly are! You have great strength within you whether you know it or not. Stay balanced and calm and follow your inner song and guidance. Allow yourself to flow to your own universal song that is leading you to your destiny. Its time to release the self doubt and fear that is holding you back and causing you to feel stuck and powerless. The chains are off and the cage door is wide open for you to free yourself and move forward. Believe in yourself and most importantly Love who you are!

With the New Moon in Pisces card showing up, it speaks of dreams and romance, of soulmates and poetry. There is a new star coming your way and it will sweep you away. Whether its your Tribe or Divine Counterpart, you have been manifesting this. It is a deep healing connection with intense emotions. This will help catapult you further along your path like never before. It brings an equilibrium harmony and balance to your life along with confidence. Strong foundations and a great support system come with this as well. It will give you a new creative spark, new beginnings and opportunities that lead to fulfilling your passions. So its time to let go of the old and allow the new amazing people and experiences full of love to come in. Know how worthy and deserving you are of all of this and more. Love who you are because, You Are Incredible and Infinite!

Much love to you all!!!


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