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Message from the Dragons for the New Moon in Taurus

For those Who are Meant to See…

The Overall Energies for the New Moon in Taurus is Showing your True self and freeing this from the cage you have placed it in. Its time to Love yourself fully and take great satisfaction in Who You Are. There is an exciting Future ahead, Look to it with Anticipation. Continue to face your fears as they come and listen to your intuition. There are decisions to be made during this New Moon Energy. Do you keep living in the Old, or do you step out into the unknown and the New World that you have been manifesting?

The Beautiful Dusky Pink Dragons from Andromeda Come to us on this New Moon carrying the vibration of transcendent Love. When we are ready, and you are ready, they pour this energy into our being, enabling us to radiate Love and Light in many different frequencies. This will help transform all those around us without them even knowing. You are ready for this Higher Love. It is time to carry it with you and become a Flame of ineffable Pink Love. When calling in these Dragons and affirming, “I Accept and Radiate Higher Love”, you will touch everyone you meet and help this ascension. Now is the time to step out into the unknown. And for most, the Unknown is stepping out into the world Being and Showing your True Authentic Self to All. This may take some practice and experimentation, but it is necessary for yourself to do so in your growth and this ascension. Know You are a powerful manifestor and are always creating your reality. You have the wisdom and intelligence within you along with resourcefulness to navigate your way through these times. Be Confident of your abilities and gifts!

The North Node now presents itself letting us know again, its time to step out of our comfort zone. Its time to leave the past behind somehow, because you are heading in the right direction. Its time to live in your life’s purpose and face your fears head on. It takes much courage to take the leap. Theres a good chance you will come to ask yourself, “Why did I wait so long!”. Its time for a focused mind, emotion and deliberate action. Devote your time to you and your Soul Path. You’ve put great work and effort in to this point, Keep Going! Do not let the defeats of the past and self-sabotage hinder this forward movement. Summon the Strength to take one step forward into the unknown and there will be much anxiety for sure. Breathe and Believe your destiny awaits not far ahead.

The Starseeds have a great and important message to finish this message which is the theme to all of this. Serve by Being You! Most of you have always felt being Different from others. And feeling this way have protected themselves by dimming their light and hiding the true self in the “Spiritual Closet”. One of your key roles in this ascension is lighting up the world with your presence. You cannot do this if you continue to hide in the closet. You are being asked in the crucial time of this ascension to Be Yourself and shine your light as bright as you can. Allow the death of the old you and the fake public persona that you have always shown and embrace the rebirth of the True YOU to shine and light up your path. Let this light bring out the passion within you and drive you with confident actions along your path. By revealing yourself and with these actions that are taken, you are not only changing the world around you, but are also attracting all of the things your heart and soul truly desires. You become a magnet for all of your dreams including your Tribe and Divine Counterpart if you have not met yet. This is a very powerful time, all you have to do is love and BE YOU! All else will fall into place.

Much Love to you All!!!


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2 responses

  1. E A

    Amazing Reading My Love 💞💞💞

    The Message is Potent & Clear

    It Is Now We Stand In Our Truth

    It Is Now We Shine Our Love & Light

    It Is What We Came Here To Do ✨🌟💫


    Liked by 1 person

    May 12, 2021 at 9:57 am

    • Awwww Thank You My Love 😘💞😘
      Perfectly said as always, it Is what we came here to do 🌠⭐🎇

      Liked by 1 person

      May 12, 2021 at 10:05 am

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