Its time to Come Home Divine One

Wayshower Update – 12 May 2021 ~ Amanda Lorence

YOU crack your OWN CODE. Only YOU hold the correct combination. Only YOU can press the ‘button’. Because you designed your life/storyline before you were born to this lifetime. YOU crack it at YOUR tailor made perfect timing. Only YOU can.
The INCOMING ENERGIES are sent to you, to all, to be absorbed, by degree of each conscious awareness. The more conscious we are the more we turn photon light into crystalline cells within us. Here…
There is so much support from the higher dimensional frequency planes. So much support in human and kingdom form within your own individual reality. YET, there is only support for the highest of PURE TRUTH. All that is not of truth shall fall away much more quickly now, individually and collectively, because THIS timeline can’t support it. Boiling points will occur within individuals and groups, yet simultaneously, what is also happening is that LOVE is exploding, like stardust.
The outer is just illusion. KEY, is you’re OWN support to becoming the TRUE YOU version here. To see clearly. Seek YOUR own truth, YOUR way. Ultimately, only that which is of LOVE is TRUE and the only part that shall remain within each that have chosen to shift into higher frequency state of being. The only thing each take with them, is the LOVE WITHIN THEM.
Find peace in KNOWING, you created all your storylines. You placed the characters in your dream reality. Some are there to support, some are placed to trigger belief systems or behaviours to be seen within each, and set free, yet all characters are ultimately created by you, for you, to RISE…and at perfect timing, CRACK YOUR OWN CODE.
Once the major pieces of YOUR puzzle have been seen, you will press the button, yourself. No other can do this for you. You release YOU. And then…there is an expansion sooooo vast within you, like no other expansion you have ever known. Why is it soooo vast? Because it’s infinite and very CONSCIOUS ENERGY within you. It is the ENERGY you came here to be, give out and act from, in service to God.
This is a major timeline for all of humanity. So many waking up. So many came to do this. And the many that chose to exit in the last year, have front row seats. Cheering us on. No one is alone. How could they be? There is only ever ONE.
Keep going, because the orchestra is fine tuning… And that ONE is within you. Has the ESSENCE. Known of ITSelf.
(1st of 2 Wayshowers Posts today)

2nd of two Wayshower posts today.My Perspective and Prophecy shared:Current Timeline period:1] Allows more and more to AWAKEN. They are designed to Awaken based via incoming energies that activate them, AND via their human inner emotions and thoughts relating to world and personal events.2] Allows more of the already AWAKENED to be faced with their DEEPEST fears to clear them within and rise to higher Hertz frequency. 3] Allows more of the AWAKENED to rise in Hertz energy frequency to FAR HIGHER conscious energetic frequency value, and THUS higher physical energetic ability (for future timelines and acts to come).MY PROPHECY, KNOWN BUT NOT SHARED UNTIL NOW due to right timing:As a Timeline CLUE. For anyone, awakened or unawakened to look out for on the World Stage:“When the ‘churches’ begin to ‘fall’, this is the MARKER POINT, that sets the stage, for THE LIGHT to enter all humanity, kingdoms and Mother Earth.”My guidance would only be to remember the MARKER for the rest of this year. So the ‘churches’, means religious orders will begin to break down all over the planet over a period of time. Because we experience via ‘time’ here, it takes linear time to unfold, so not an instant fall. We have not seen this occur yet. As we know, many things are collapsing, but not yet the churches. It is to come. So when the “churches begin to fall” (not physically), you will know it is THE MARKER POINT in the ‘Earth Game’. It is the ‘people’ that create the falling of the ‘churches’ or religious orders, due to the mass awakenings and thus greater awareness of the truth of the innate power kept hidden from the people. The mass awakenings are occurring in this ongoing current and awaited time period.At a node point during the ‘fall’ of the churches, THE MASS LIGHT (we are building towards) will then ENTER. Seen and felt physically by some, unseen but felt to varying different energetic degrees by the many. The MASS LIGHT, that is higher energetic frequency, then stays. Nothing remains the same. One LoveAmanda Lorence12 May 2021

One Love
Amanda Lorence
12 May 2021

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  1. E A

    Thank You🙏😊🙏💜

    Some pertinent information here.


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    May 14, 2021 at 1:33 pm

    • Yes I would say so….
      Grateful to be of service, you’re welcome 😉🙏💞🐺

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      May 14, 2021 at 1:36 pm

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