Its time to go Home

Prison ~ Redwolf

Its taken a lot of inner work and soul searching on yourself. You’ve come to accept, embrace and love who you truly are. You are ready to break out and break free…

Yet the Prison you have not been aware of for all these years has revealed itself. You find that none of your wants, needs, dreams and desires matter. They never have. They never wanted you to be who you truly are. They never wanted anything other than for you to fit the mold that they created and to stick to it. Your hopes, dreams and desires are meaningless to them and not allowed. There is no respect for you or who you are, although they will create an illusion, lies and gaslight you on thinking there is. They will try to make you think you are crazy and that everything is your fault. Your boundaries are trampled and violated, your personal sovereignty taken away.

As you rise up and bring out your power, they guilt you, pressure you, even blackmail you and hold things over your head so you fall back in line. You are not allowed nor ever where allowed to go against their plan. All of this manipulation and gaslighting to keep you enslaved and controlled for their own greed and selfishness. They will fight and do everything they can to keep you from becoming who you are and who you are meant to be.

You feel completely stuck, not knowing what to do or how to break free from this. Hopelessness sets in as attempts at breaking free fail. Manipulation increases as you continue to resist. Your boundaries even more violated to break you into obedience. You are now at a choice point. To stay in the prison, hating every moment of it to appease your jailers. To not hurt their feelings and risk being hated because of the choices you need to make for yourself? To being labeled by those who do not truly see You, not have any respect or acceptance for you other than the slave you have always been to them.

In your own time, there will be a breaking point. A choice will be made one way or another. To stand in your True power and magnificence and chose Yourself, or to give your power away and be who they want you to be and go back to being their slave.



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  1. Right on, brother. Right on.

    Liked by 1 person

    May 28, 2021 at 6:58 pm

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