Its time to go Home


The Oracle of Delphi Painting by Linda Sosangelis


I sit with Creator now and the High Beings of Light. And we look upon the people. We look upon the Earth, upon Gaia, and we hold all in Pure Source Love, and we hold all in Divine Order now.

We see that there has been much good planted by those of you who have been here before. You have now rediscovered the secrets, the keys and the mysteries to All That Is. Yet you shall discover more.

We see now that you who are of the Highest Alignment are calling in the New, cutting off the old, and while you do this, you are doing it in alignment with Creator.

We see you now setting very clear boundaries in every aspect. And we say now that this is very good.

We see now that the darkness has arisen against the Light, and would try to suck you in, and draw away your power.
We see now that the darkness has misaligned some and caused them to fall.

We see now that the darkness has risen, and although it is weak, it is now obliterated. It is now cut off. And it is now transformed into Light.

We see now those of you who have worked tirelessly and endlessly for this moment, and we congratulate you. For there are very few of you who have done this before, time and time again. Yet you have made it now to this point, and we celebrate with you.

We say to you now, you Beings of Light, you are well within your power to create all that you want to create. You are well within your power, your right as the Divine, to call in and craft the new, to co-create with your trusted ones.

We see you now, the Lighted Ones, working together harmoniously, intelligently, and tirelessly in unification and love. And as you do this, you continue to increase the quotient of Light that your very Beings can hold. For now it shines brighter and farther and faster than it has ever since your soul’s existence. We are in much joy about this.

And now I, the Oracle, have been given the blessing of Creator to declare:

That all thought, intent or action of war cease and desist forever, within and without.

I now declare that the new that has been anchored in is now secured.

I now declare that all old timelines which no longer serve the highest and best of all Creation be severed and fall away forever.

I now declare that that which must burn shall be burned, that that which must wash away be washed away, that which must blow away shall be blown away, and that which was buried be unearthed and stand before the Light to make a choice or be integrated back into dark matter.

I now declare the conclusion of all injustice, abuse, trauma, deception, persuasion, manipulation be ended NOW under the order of Creator.

I now declare that the Children can take a breath and know that they are safe and they no longer must hide or be cloaked to save their very lives.

I now declare that these days are over, and the New shall be brought in. In fact, the New is brought in Now.

I now declare that the Beloveds of Creator shall sing, and dance and create with more power, and more infinite grace than ever seen before.

Ah’lem nahk holah, kahleesh nanamah. Ho’lahkamanah, kahneesh nahnamanah. L’achsh’ne manah, l’boeh lachkanah. L’kemakha nanah. Bahch a’khaneenah, l’homenah. L’kuma kahnanah. Ghok eshenemah nah’nhom achadeah. Lach’ashi nahm nakah h’om acha. H’ah menunah, bukeesh akananah m’honah. Lach ashi n’ahmanah k’ohmanah k’ahmanah. k’ohmanah k’ahmanah. k’ohmanah k’ahmanah. k’ohmanah k’ahmanah. Ah’lem a’lo, ah’lach a’shi kenamah. Lach’ashi m’ahnanah Lach’ashi m’ahnanah. Lah’shi manah k’ohmakah. Lah’shi manah k’ohmakah. Lah’shi manah k’ohmakah. L’ohm.

WE NOW DECLARE: That is done. And the Light shall rise and be seen across all realities, timelines, galaxies and universes.

WE NOW DECLARE: That the Children of Creator shall rise and stand in their full power, in full unity and in full love. Never shall they be separated again. They shall be brought together in harmony and laughter, peace and joy. They shall create in wonderment of All That Is. And they shall call in all that which they forgot. For now is a time of remembrance, now is a time of Creation, now is a time of joy and peace. All else shall cease and desist now and forever more.

I sit with Creator and the Highest Beings of Light, and I rest now for I see the shift. I see that it is real and it is right.

I bless all those created by Prime Source Now.

I send love to all those created by Prime Source Now.

And I send a blessing to all those created by Prime Source Now. All of the kingdoms, all of the peoples, all of the nations, all of the races from every galaxy across the Omniverse.

I hold all in a beautiful sphere of Light.

All is love.


It is done.


Channeled by Kalia Diya

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