Its time to go Home

You have a right to say “NO” ~ Nicky Hamid

You are a Sovereign Being.
You have a right to say “NO”
Do you know how Powerful you are?
Do you know how powerful it is to say “NO” in your Truth?.
There is a Divine Authority and Almighty Power behind your choice to stand tall in your own Truth.
Know that it is Law as a citizen of Earth, our Galaxy, as well the Spiritual Worlds.
In these times, as you heal the hurts and traumas of your life, you are choosing to null and void all choices you have been coerced to make that have gone against your Heart (higher) Knowing.
You are choosing the LIGHT which is to see with the Eyes of Love. There are no grey areas. The Light is either ON or OFF, as you take your Power.
Thus you are either aligned to Love or out of synch with it.
So if even if you are not exactly sure why if you feel something anyone is asking you to do is not quite right for you, you have an inalienable right to say “NO”.
So much of what has happened to humans is the result of our lack of courage to stand up for Truth feelings and our rights. Looking away, ignoring, pretending we do not hear, or not speaking up have meant that fear has held sway over all our affairs for thousands of years.
Well this shift time is all about this Choice.
Will you stand up in the face of opposition, and/or , and say “NO”
“I do not give my consent” or “Not on my watch”.
There are now legions of helpers here to support you.
And in fact when you do this in Truth, and without judgement or animosity, you actually shift timelines such that the whole situation can turn quite miraculously in your favour.
Shine On
I So Love You

Nicky Hamid

PS: For example: You have the right to say “NO” to any medical treatment.
And International (Nuremberg) Law states, for medical experiments, that “The voluntary (informed) consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.”
It is the onus on the “authority” asking for your consent, to provide you with all the information you require to make a decision. It is up to You to decide when you have been informed enough and when you have not.

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