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Recent work and Update ~ Gillian O Neill

As the Holy Mother Consciousness returns to the planet and we anchor the templates of the New Earth, the old time lines and grids dissolve. These old/distorted time lines, patterns, belief systems must be transmuted and the energy returned to zero point 💎🌎💙
Recent work with the Krystal Gaurdian teams on the crystal core of Earth and the reigniting/recoding of many crystal caves in the Earths core has brought up blood ritual/sacrifice energetic patterning for clearing/transmuting from the collective consciousness field of the planet.
Blood covenants have been used to trick humanity out of their true organic original source connection for many years.
Blood lineages/ blood rituals / SRA satanic ritual abuse/ blood sacrifice/ religious blood sacrifice- the shedding of blood as offerings to false gods, NAA, Moloch, Baal/religious war/ circumcision/ genital mutulation/ Forced breeding programs/ Hybridization/ moon chain lineages/ Cathar lineages/ Rose line/ crucifix implant/ Abraham covenant/ Rh negative blood
While working on this I was shown a vision of myself in a very dark cavern in the Earths core. Sitting in a lotus position I saw streams of this blood sacrifice energetic(shown to me as dark reddish browns and purple) poured out of the cave walls and were drawn energetically into my Sacred Crystal Heart portal. I sat within my own Pillar of Light as pure Source consciousness poured down into my heart. I innerstood that it was through my Sacred Crystal Heart portal that this negative polarised energy would be transmuted back to zero point frequency 💎💗
Our Sacred Crystal Heart holds the strongest healing and harmonizing force on this planet 💗💎💗
Many souls are involved in this work, both on planet and off🙏
There is detailed information on clearing blood ritual energetics in the links below if you feel called.…/3261-blood-covenant……/lisa-renee…/…/12_Tribes_of_Aquaferion
The art transmissions attached are showing my personal experience of clearing the blood ritual energy (red/black transmission)❤🖤
Fallen Angelics
Phoenix rising from the ashes energy
Second transmission shows my team/Krystal Aquaferion Tribe💙💎
Face of the Oraphim
Dragon Tribe
Blue feathers/ Blue Avians
And finally my extra transmission 😁 Blue Lion🦁
Feline tribes
White Lion Tribe
Coz a gal can’t work without her Lion😍💙🦁💙

Gillian O Neill

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